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The hemp salve is a universal healing preparation with multiple effects. It is combining the effects of an antibiotic ointment with the effects of a salve efficiently relieving arthritic and rheumatism pains. Among others, it has proven to be extremely efficient for the treatment of burns (even of 2nd degree), certain types of eczemas, psoriasis and fungus. *Just pay attention to one thing – the salve should never be used on fresh bleeding wounds!

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Recipe via NORML – Jeana Goodwin’s Cannabis Salve Recipe
Editor’s Notes

  • For lip balm, take a few teaspoons of the canna-coconut oil while it’s still hot and mix with about 1/4th to 1/5th the amount of melted beeswax, adding the oil from 1 vitamin E tablet.

  • If you use smoking-quality bud, one batch of the oil can make skin cream, lip balm AND chocolate medicine or other edibles.  (We never waste a cannabinoid!)

  • Save the strained plant matter, reheat in a pan with more coconut oil, enough to moisten and make into a very wet paste.  Add 1 bar Ghiradelli 60% Cocoa per 1/8th cup plant matter.  You can usually melt the chocolate by taking pan off of the heat, and pressing each piece against the bottom and sides of pan.  Careful, too much heat can burn the chocolate; usually the heat from the hot oil is enough to melt the chocolate.  Add shelled Hemp Seeds from the health food store, chopped Macadamia nuts or toasted almonds (masks any crunchies from the bud).  Chill in greased pan.

A doctor’s note on Cannabis Salve:

Cannabinoids and possibly other healing components of the plant are absorbed directly through the skin; the anti-inflammatory properties are outstanding, reducing recovery time from injuries and promoting healing of lesions.  Topical cannabis has also been used by my lupus patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients to increase the function of joints and decrease nodule formation. – Frank Lucido, MD

Some background and uses list from Hemp Info:

Cannabis can be used for the fabrication of various medicinal preparations. One of the most powerful hemp preparations is the hemp [cannabis/marijuana] salve. Its efficiency was proven already in the 50s at the Olomouc University Hospital, where Prof. Jan Kabelik carried out his famous research on the antibacterial effects of cannabis indica.

Here is ine example of a a healing balm for arthritis

About the history of hemp salve

One of the hospital pathologists cut his finger during an autopsy, bacteria resistant to antibiotics infected the wound and it seemed that an amputation was going to be inevitable. Then someone had the idea to ask for help Prof. Kabelik, who was known for his research on the medicinal use of cannabis. [Recommended: Integral text of the Study – PDF]  He applied his hemp salve and two days later the wound was already healing and the amputation was avoided.

Due to the fact that in my country is the preparation of medicines on the basis of cannabis illegal, it was not possible to make any official analyses or clinical experiments. So I had to collect the testimonies of my friends and many other persons, who over the years used this salve for the treatment of their diseases and health problems. The hemp salve is a universal healing preparation with multiple effects. It is combining the effects of an antibiotic ointment with the effects of a salve efficiently relieving arthritic and rheumatism pains. Among others, it has proven to be extremely efficient for the treatment of burns (even of 2nd degree), certain types of eczemas, psoriasis and fungus.  *Just pay attention to one thing – the salve should never be used on fresh bleeding wounds!

Some healing or relieving effects of the salve

  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • analgesic effects
  • relaxing effects on muscles and other body tissues
  • muciparous decongesting effects
  • regenerative effects on body tissues

Which diseases the salve heals or relieves as a complementary medicine

  • all kinds of superficial wounds, cuts, acne pimples, furuncles, nail incarnations, corns, certain nail fungus
  • ragged commissure of lips, fever blisters, herpes
  • certain types of dermatitis (including atopical) and psoriasis
  • rheumatism and arthritic pains (up to the 2nd degree of arthritis)
  • torticollis, back pains, muscular pains and cramps, sprains and other contusions
  • phlebitis, venous ulcerations
  • hemorrhoids
  • menstruation pains
  • cold and sore throat, bronchitis
  • asthmatic problems with breathing
  • chronical inflammation of larynx (application in the form of a Priessnitz compress)
  • migraine, head pains

Research on the anti-inflammatory effects of topical cannabis

“Topical Pot: Skin allergies may be the next reason to use marijuana”

Scientists have long suspected that marijuana, used for recreational purposes and to help fight chronic pain, nausea and even some mental disorders like anxiety and depression, also had anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Now they think they know why.

In a study published in the current issue of the journal Science, researchers show exactly how they think that works, elucidating how the body’s own cannabinoids, compounds that are similar to the ones found in marijuana, reduce inflammation.

Mice had a harder time healing from wounds caused by ear tags used to identify them when researchers blocked their internal cannabinoids, said Dr. Meliha Karsak, lead author and scientist in molecular neurobiology at the University of Bonn in Germany. Cannabinoids are involved in many of the body’s daily functions, scientists believe, but they’re still trying to figure out how.

Mice also healed faster from skin allergies with topical THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and other plants, she said.

Dr. Frank Lucido, a Berkeley physician who was not involved in the study but regularly recommends medical marijuana, said the plant’s anti-inflammatory effects didn’t surprise him. He has had patients who say their psoriasis, an immune disease that affects the skin and joints, and asthma get better when they smoke marijuana.

In the 1980s, scientists discovered receptors in the body that respond to active compounds in cannabis, Karsak said. Once activated with THC and other chemicals from marijuana, the receptors had effects downstream, for instance changing a person’s mood and perception. Since then, two main receptors have been studied: One is more prevalent in the central nervous system, the other in the periphery.

The one in the periphery seems to respond to cannabinoids in inflammation and is found in cells of the immune system, said Dr. Donald Abrams, a San Francisco General Hospital physician who has studied the effects of marijuana use in HIV patients.

“Most people have believed for some time that the cannabinoid system is involved in modulating the immune system,” he said.

We also recommend looking at this recipe for ideas. ( The Holy Anointing Oil used by Jesus is incredibly powerful, perhaps some of the ingredients actually increase absorption. )

Further reading

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Anti-inflammatory activity of topical THC in DNFB-mediated mouse allergic contact dermatitis independent of CB1 and CB2 receptors

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186 thoughts on “Topical Cannabis Healing Salve

  1. I have been using this salve for 2 years. it works great for burns and we add it to hemp butter (purschased at the BODY SHOP)
    We use it on mom face with had skin cancer from too many years in the sun with no protection . This salve makes your skin so soft and more elastic it is a great product

  2. i am wondering if making a strong THC infused salve, oil or cream to use for massage on patients for chronic pain would also leave the patient feeling stoned?

    • Hi there,

      The Cannabinoids, including THC (which makes you high), are absorbed through the skin, though to a far less degree than with eating or smoking.

      If you are using on isolated parts of the body, like shoulders, places that ache, as opposed to a full body massage with the ointment, your patient should not feel any intoxication. [One caution though, using around the eyes will make the eyes look very stoned, red, glassy, and vision can be a bit blurry for up to 8 hours.] But if a large amount is used, yes, the patient could feel the effects of THC.

      The pain relief is astonishing.

      Hope this helps!

    • Not necessarily. I make my salve much stronger than just about any salve on the market and my husband recently got a massage using a large amount of salve. He said his body felt great but he did not feel high from it. I’m sure if a drug test was taken right after a massage like this it’s likely it would show up.

    • Hello. You can find an all natural healing topical at the California heritage farmers market in Los Angeles at 1500 esperanza in east los angeles. The girls selling the water bottles have them. Their salve has simple ingredients and it smells good.

  3. Made this today for my husband with MS with HORRIBLE neuropathy. It worked amazingly well, and he had INSTANT pain relief. I loved the fool-proof instructions. Thanks for publishing this!!

    • Nothing could delight us more – nothing worse than pain and nothing better than instant pain relief, no?

      We had the same experience. It’s hard to believe how fast and how well this works until you try it for yourself!

  4. I mixed mine with Hemp seed oil and later it became coagulated (little round bumps). Anyone experience this and is there any way to prevent this from happening and still get the benefits of the Hemp seed oil?

  5. I have heard that hemp seed oil does not mix well with cannabis extract.

    It seems to be quite a different oil to olive oil, etc. It is also unsuitable for heating.

  6. Topical cannabis and cannabis skincare products really do work without leaving someone with the inebriating feeling of smoked or ingested cannabis. Cannabis works as an anti-inflammatory (for sore muscles and joint pain) also as an anti-bacterial treatment. Try a little cannabis oil mixed with jojoba or apricot kernel in the hair to treat dandruff and dry itchy scalp. The possibilities are really endless…

  7. Hi, so i was curious to the measurements in grams I would need of cannabis if I were using smoking quality bud for this recipe.

    • My kneejerk answer is an emphatic YES – the fact that you can feel “high” just by using cannabis oil topically tells me the cannabinoids like THC do get into the system, and could be detected. Finding a source to support this, however, is not so easy. I am hearing good things about herbal remedies to clean out the system in the case of a urine test. These can be found at health food stores. I will look around for some data on your question and get back to you when (if) there is any to be found :D

      • The answer is yes. I, unfortunately, may have found this out the hard way. I have chronic pain, and was using medical marijuana, but really unable to function on it. Therefore, I was referred to a chronic pain dr. They perform random urine screens, and I tested positive. I have not ingested cannabis orally in months, but I have continued to use this THC spray followed by lotion because it helps a great deal with the bone pain, and DOES NOT effect my mental status.

        Of course, the dr said there is no way this would make my test positive, so I look like a complete idiot. I wish I had a way to prove it!

        Has anybody else had experience with testing positive when using topicals?

        • How offten were you using the cannabis topical? I used a topical twice this last weekend and have a UA for probation today and I am worried it will test positive…I do not smoke or ingest THC but the topical helps me in so many ways…you can email me at for your replay if you can. It would be greatly appriciated. :)

          • The topical that I used was developed with enough THC to be beneficial topically but developed also not to have any psychological effect regardless of how often that you used it. As far a showing up on a test I couldn’t say for sure. Best way to find out would be to ask the most knowledgable person at the dispensary that you bought it from and see what they advise. If you made the salve yourself that could be a question mark. I would think that the salve will penetrate and some percentage of the canabis will enter the bloodstream. I would ask someone that has a considerable amount of experience with using it or knows many clients that use topicals.

    • It took me a few days to find this post. I was wondering the same thing. I am as legal as the state will allow at this time, just wondered about absorbtion. I knew I could not be the only one to have this question. I read all the follow up replies, and now I pretty much have my answer. Thank you for the help.

    • It would be WONDERFUL for bug bites. It would immediately take away the pain or itching, then the redness and swelling. As for general inflammation, that is one of it’s primary effects. I’ve heard wonderful things about it’s use for arthritis & sprains.

      • hi! need ur urgent opinion whether SMOKING marijuana would help anti inflammation on skin such as bed bugs/dust mites?please help.thanks!

        • Dust mites yes bed bugs no. There are lots of bacteria that bed bugs can deliver to your system when they bite. That is the primary source of infectious sores that arise from bites. Dust mites cause irritation to your sinus and skin smoking is not needed for this.. A good barrier case for your pillows and mattress are not expensive but very productive in cutting down on that pesky issue.

  8. DOC GREEN’S THERAPEUTIC HEALING CREAM is an effective and delightful topical lotion with potent infusion of cannabis medicine. It works on a variety of aches, muscle injury, spasms, and cramps, and is available at dispensaries throughout California. Doc Green’s Therapeutic Healing Cream is a potent shea butter based marijuana lotion that is not greasy, and absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin. If you are a patient in California you can put DOC GREENS to the test and give us feedback on how it works for your condition. Also, check out some testimonials we have received at Doc Green’s can be contacted at, or calling 510-936-2420.

    We have conducted urine tests on people using copious amounts of our products (and no other cannabis) and have had only negative test results. It would appear that topical use results in a different metabolic pathway and therefore different breakdown compounds than the usual drug tests. I believe a blood test would test positive, but the standard cheap urine test kits do not appear to. Don’t take my word for it, more testing is required, just wanting to pass on what I know.

  9. Hey guys,
    I just want to say i have made a recipe similar to this with a few additions, my reason for making this was for my Grandmother. I am an avid smoker and tried to convince my grandma of the wonderful and healing effects of cannabis. She was always one to say “dope is dope is dope is dope! I dont want any of that shit, the smell gives me a headache!”
    I tried for years to get her to eat it, as I am a gifted cook and have TONS of cannibus recipes. Nothing worked until she had to stop taking Celebrex due to the bleeding ulcers it was causing, the downside to this was her arthritis was so bad, she could bearly hold a glass to get a drink of water… My grandma is 65 years old and uses her “Green Dragon Balm” everyday, havent had any Celebrex for five months and she doesnt miss it at all, her only regret was she didnt try it sooner!
    I am a BIG advocate for medical marijuana, and plan on making this for friends and family, it is safe NATURAL and i dont know about you, but i would rather test positive for pot used medically, than a bleeding ulcer or any other horrid side effect from “medicine” that claims to help.
    Do yourself a favor, go au naturale’ and save yourself from the millions of side effects and irreversable damage to your liver and kidneys from so called “medicine”!

    Thanks for listening ;)

    Ps. I used 14 oz coconut oil to 15 grams of “green” hope this helps!

    • What are the risks of your recipie to a pregnant woman? Tylenol doest help with my bad carple tunnel and I cant take anything else. Please help!

      Pregers in Pain

    • Ninja,
      My name is Vicki and I live in Texas. Wish I could buy medical Marijuana. Three years ago I had both a liver and kidney transplant.
      Also, I have an artificial hip and many injuries to my legs. I can’t even smoke on the sly because my pain management doctor UA’s me every month and he is dead set against marijuana. I am going to see a friend in Colorado this November. I haven’t seen or spoke to her in almost 25 years. Thanks to Facebook I found her again. What a shame that I will have to sit there with her and watch her smoke. What a bummer!!!

  10. I suffer from bad carple tunnel syndrome and want to use the cream but I may be pregnant and am worried to use is. Any thoughts?

    Pregers in pain

    • My completely unprofessional thoughts: using enough salve to stop the wrist pain will not cause any problems. When it’s localized use, you use so little that i cannot imagine it showing up on a drug test. It certainly won’t hurt the baby. Not according to the research i have seen. The salve is a very powerful analgesic.

      I wish you a wonderful pregnancy with as little pain as possible ~

  11. I have been entertaining making a cannabis oil based salve like the one described in this article for a long standing skin issue that I have had for about twenty years. It was diagnosed as an epidermal hyperplasia. I’ve used several natural oinlments in recent years that were mixed by my holistic docter; some were beneficial but did not cure the lesion. The salve described in this article seems compelling but looks as if it may be more geared towards helping arthritis and joint pain. Although it does say that it made benefit psorisis, which involves an overgrow of cells. I would like to get some information as to whether this salve could potentially heal my condition or if there is another salve, or perhaps just the cannabis oil, sold at a dispensary in California (Simi Valley or Los Angeles area) that may heal this kind of skin problem. I have heard that the oil itself can heal a skin cancer in certail you tube videos. Any information would be appreciated.

    • View our latest post from yesterday (“Cannabis,without a doubt, cures cancer”)… Although it is geared towards heaing cancer, there are a series of pictures of a man’s skin lesion (due to cancer) just disappearing – the healing is miraculous – and he used “hash oil”. They mention several names that it goes by. You can get it at your local dispensary. Take pictures of the healing – it would be neat to document!

      • I believe I seen this you tube video made by david triplett. So you recommend using the hash oil itself vice the salve. I was researching dispensaries and the oil is very expensive ($30-50 per gram). I will be using it on a localized area, but if I have to use it long term, do you know of anyway to avoid the great costs?

        • Supposedly you see results in 3-4 weeks. I bet you wouldn’t go through a jar in that time. I have a buddy trying this on a spot on his nose, after one night he saw changes… and the next night, even more – just like in the video. My opinion is, $30 is nothing especially if compared to conventional medicine (that usually doesn’t work).

          You can always start with storebought, and take your time researching how to do it yourself if you end up needing more.

          One thing for localized use – to hold the oil in place ( tends to drip as ot gets warm) you could melt a tiny amount of beeswax with the oil. Maybe ask at the dispensary of they’ve got some with beeswax, or if they have suggestions. Otherwise, just melt it down over extremely low heat (teflon is fine) ans know that the beeswax goes a really long way. Do a small batch at first to get the idea.

          • this sounds amazing….I really want it to work as well as it appears…my husband fell and broke his back this week, and this sounds just like something we need to try….are there any web site as to purchase some already made?

          • If the dispensary doesn’t have beeswax, is there somewhere else to purchase beeswax? Will using burt’s beeswax at the local health food store work also?

            • You can gets beeswax at a health food store. I know whole Foods has it. But Burt’s Bees has other stuff in it, I wouldn’t go for that.

              • I got the beeswax at a health food store. Also, located a cannabis salve at a dispensary in Oakland which I’m using now. It contains cannabis, a couple other herbs, olive oil and beeswax. I added a gram of hash oil to the salve to give it some more cannabis content. I’m a couple days into using it; initially, it definitely reduces infammation in the area, maybe better than any other salve or natural product that I’ve used.

                  • I had a cancer mole removed from my upper lip 2 years ago. They wanted to keep digging until they found no more cancer cells. Told me I could have plastic surgery when they were finished.. I said no thank you. I started using my homemade hemp salve instead. It has not grown back. And, you can hardly see where the mole was. I also had dry splotches in some areas of my face and they are also gone. For my arthritis in my knee they wanted to give me steroid shots. Again I said no thank you. I used my cookies and salve. With immediate results on my pain. Cancer patients use butter and oils since cancer cells feed on sugar. And, of course the wonder salve. I use coconut oil and beeswax sometimes adding propolis which it what the bees use around the hive to keep away bacteria. I have found the healing is almost overnight on small scratches and etc. Needless to say I’m not taking all those pills these days!!!!

  12. I have had atopic dermatitis (eczema) my whole life. Told that it would get better as I aged, I’m now 23 and it’s the worst it has ever been. I have been battling a flare up for almost 8 weeks that has covered the majority of my body in itchy, red, dry skin. Including persistent weeping on my face and neck. I’ve been fighting it off with a plant-based, gluten/dairy free diet and rigorous all-natural skincare routine. Natural healing is very slow. My body is used to steroid creams and this eczema just won’t go away on its own. It’s been so persistent and intense that I started getting depressed about it and there were days when I wouldn’t get out of bed, just slept, so I wouldn’t have to deal with all the dead skin, itchiness, oozing, and pain.
    I made this salve four days ago and the first time I put it on I actually cried a little because it was so relieving. It feels SO different from anything I’ve ever used before. It’s cooling and calming. In four days it has:
    –significantly reduced redness
    –improved weeping areas (they are nearly gone)
    –reduced skin dryness
    I made half of this recipe and added a few drops of tea tree oil because I was concerned about skin infection. All the areas I was concerned about have cleared. When it runs out I’m going to make a new batch without, because it might be a bit drying.
    I have no questions, I just wanted to share my use of this salve with others and express my sincere gratitude to you for sharing this recipe. I will be passing it along to others whenever and wherever I can.
    Plus, I made the chocolates described at the bottom with the leftover bud and they were a big hit with friends :)
    Thank you thank you thank you!! Keep putting this information out there.

    • Just one tiny note on the tea tree oil: I recently used a lip balm with tea tree oil. It ended up causing a major breakout in tiny blisters, when I finally figured out it was caused by the tea tree oil, I quit and it cleared up in less than 2 days.

      Glad you are skipping it next time around. Your story made me cry a little! I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing.

      • Just want to let you know that I use the salve on my 7 yr old daughter bcuz her eczema is aweful you do have to rub it in quite a bit to get into the derma. But after 1 day the redness was reduced…then after a wk there were no signs of eczema and no scars or discoleration like u get with rx. I also use it for my neck since I am a spinal cord injury pt. and have 3 pinched nerves and 3 flattened places on my spinal cord…when I use this and drink the tincture I dont need my morphine or norcos…no more internal organ damage….i hope you can benefit from this wonderful plant. blessings

        • I also have spinal cord damage. Broke C-2 and there is a crescent scare perfectly centered in the cord. I have been researching neuropathy and ran across this web page. My hands, arms, and now feet are starting to burn, My hands being the worst, my hands feel like my skin is melting. Do you think cannabis oil based salve will help in anyway?

          • Yes, i do. If legal in your state, it certainly won’t hurt to try. Dispensaries have the salve. Eating the extract (called “cannabis oil” or “Rick Simpson oil”) could also help internally to heal the damage in the cord. There is science backing this up, I’ll try to remember to dig it up when I get some free time. (I am a T4 paraplegic.)

  13. I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years. I’m now hot on track to creating a line of topicals for my clients, family, and friends. I live in AZ and we’re just in the first steps of legalizing medical use here. It’s my intention to become a certified “caregiver” in the near future. I’ve created a salve for my own personal experiments, and wow! I’m very excited about the possibilities. About 6 months ago, I started having clients ask me about it. Not too surprising, most were and are folks 75 yrs and older… They’re tired of perscription drugs! As posted earlier here, the side effects are making more problems than the initial concern! I’ll stay in touch and share results as they present themselves. I think most of us want as much info as we can get.

    One result I’m witness to. Female client. 76 yrs. Arthritis for 40 plus years. Pain so bad she started use of oxy-codone, oxy-cotton, another pain med, anti-depression med, and injections regularly to deal with her pain…. I started making edibles for her, and an infused oil/honey…. Within 3 months, THREE, she’s off all the above medications. This speaks volumns.


    • Hi nrg – I am a massage therapist in CA. who wants to develop an effective topical for my clients also. Is it the recipe for “Topical Cannabis Healing Salve” that you have been using for your clients? Thanks! DS

  14. Hi-
    I was just wondering how deep it really penetrates? I have deep muscle damage in my back, and my husband has a torn ACL in his knee. We are getting really tired of trying to fight the pain by using things such as ibuprofen or vicodin, and wonder if this salve might help with deep pains.

    Thanks in advance for any answers!

    • It works perfectly for that kind of pain, from personal experience. I don’t know how it could penetrate so deeply, but it does stop deep muscle pain. Maybe it numbs the small, more peripheral nerve endings? Not sure, but I highly recommend giving it a try (if there are no legal constraints).

    • The ointment that I have isn’t necessarily made for deep penetration into the muscles. There are options at some dispensaries that will carry the cannabis into deeper tissues (muscles and ligaments). The dispensary that I got the cannabis salve also carries a cannabis balm (like tiger balm) that will carry the cannabis into muscles. Also, you can add DMSO gel and mix it with a cannabis salve. The DMSO will act as a carrier and allow the salve to penetrate. You can purchase DMSO at a local health food store (Whole Foods); it’s natural and comes in liquid and gel form. DMSO is a powerful penetrator, so you may want to get a recommendation from the store as to how much to use.

  15. Hello! Thank you for this recipe. I used this, only adding a little peppermint oil. It adds another nice scent to the coconut (so that it really does not smell of cannabis at all, or at least not strongly), and it gives a nice tingling sensation when first put on which is also helpful to know where you need to rub more in. Within minutes, pain relief was felt and tight muscles loosened, and has continued for hours. I can’t say anything as to whether it makes you feel high or not, though, as I was also making brownies and licked the batter, so I’m a little high from that anyway. However, never have I felt such instantaneous relief from my muscle pain. I’m a long-time advocate and user of medical marijuana, but have never tried a topical salve. I certainly will be doing so in the future! I used mostly trimmings but also some smokable bud, in the same proportion as I’ve always used for cannabutter. I’m very happy with the result, and will be making a second batch for gifts. I don’t want to give away all that I have on hand!

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  17. This sounds exactly what I´ve been looking for. I suffer from Sebborhoeic dermatitis. Have noticed how smoking weed keeps me from blushing and remove all the pain.

    Do anyone have experice with the effects of this salve on seb derm?

    A question on step 4: Is the ratio between canna-coconut oil and beeswas 5:1 or do I add all of the canna-coco to 1 ounce beeswax?

    Also, is it preferable to use high quality buds or leaves?

    Thanks a lot for this!

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  19. I got some beeswax from a health food store (Lassens/thousand oaks, ca) in my area. It was pure beeswax and a large brick of it, way more than you’ll need. Burts has additives in it.

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  21. A friend of mine has introduced to a cream with THC. He won’t give me. Enugh info to get it for myself. It works wonders. Ilive in AZ..ispossible to. Obtain this cream from CA? I recently broke my shoulder& humor bone. Pills don’t do wonders like the. Cream. Any help or advice to obtain this. Wouldbe most appreciated. Plz reply back. Thx so much.

    • No idea, isn’t medical marijuana legal in AZ? If so, you can make your own salve. I don’t believe you can take medicine across state borders, so you couldn’t get it from CA. Sorry to be of so little help! good luck to you.

  22. my daughter is having stomach migraines i have cannabis cream, should i try it and where do i rub itm she has seizrues and is is on 3 different siezures drugs , wouldn’t think it would hurt, , do the migraines come from her head?

    • This site does not offer medical advice, please do see your doctor, or if you don’t have one, find a forum/chat room for medical marijuana support. Best of luck to you, and perhaps you could post your findings back here for the rest of us?

  23. hey also my sister has nueropathy in hands and feet due to lennox gustuo, how long before we could expect to be pain free, she is using cream but not working yet, could i add something to make it work better, it is double strentgh now.

  24. This also works great for poison ivy, poison oak, bug bites, etc. Try it all over. It’s the best medicine for the whole body. It stops itching, relieves nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, CURES CANCER… you name it, it does it.

  25. Would this salve help shrink lipoma tumours? I have lots of them and the only medical remedy is surgical removal
    also where can i get 2 cups of weed cheaply to make it? in the UK it will cost abt £150+ or more.

    • If you are wanting to shrink tumors, you might consider trying the cannabis infused oil instead. Or even Rick Simpson’s oil (found on youtube).

      From what i understand, the oil needs to be against the skin for long periods of time – so you can put the oil on thick, then cover with a bit of tissue like paper towel or gauze, then tape over that to hold it on overnight, etc.

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  29. I am wondering if the salve or the “hash oil” or both might work on generalized actinic keratoses which is a precursor to cancer. I have lots of red spots and raised crusty areas particularly on my arms and I am not up for using any of the pharmaceuticals that the md suggests….Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am not currently a card holder but i am going to look into it. Also, what would offer the most relief for degenerative disc disease and bone spurs (back and feet) ? Thanks for your reply in advance

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  32. I just got this sample of Mapito grow medium. Pretty cool stuff. Looks like a combination of rockwool and some other material. They claim it holds a lot of water and oxygen. Going to give it a try.

  33. I’d really like to try making this salve with hash oil but I’m wondering about the ratio of coconut oil to hash oil. How much hash oil should be mixed into the 2 cups of oil? I make super potent edibles with coconut oil and hash oil so I’m familiar with mixing the two together. Going to do more searching to see if I can get the answer but hopefully someone on here knows the answer.

    • I don’t know if it’s cool to leave my email address on here but I’ll give it a shot
      I’m happy to help answer any questions as I’ve made many batches of salve using this recipe and am happy with the results. I’ve helped a number of people make their own as well so I’m here to help!

  34. How much oil??–I just weighed 2 cups of dried bud, 52 grams. My understanding is 3 to 5 grams of oil per oz. depends on quality. So I’m thinking about 8 grams of oil would be about right. Any input would be appreciated/

  35. thank you very much for this. my mom has MS and the Cannabis plan helps in so many ways, the rub helps the most. THANK YOU from my mom :)

  36. if anyone has any advice at all please post please. my father suffers from chronic pain from his spine. mainly his l4 and L5 vertabre because they are herniated or bulged. I made this recipe with 2 cups of shake and pain relief was only minimal. he needs more relief he can barely stand and he has over a month to go till his next epidural injection to help with the pain. could I use oil or hash in a new batch to make it much stronger ? will stronger be more effective ? how much should i use. i can get any amount of anything you all sugges i just need to help his pain. please comment soon. thankyou. please help

    • RSO or hash oil taken orally, Small doses at first & he will build up a tolerance. Not a doctor, but from what I’ve seen, the oil will help.

        • 1 drop to some folks with a virgin system, can be a bit much but won’t hurt anybody. If baked goods are made with bud, start by just eating a small piece (1 eight of cookie) My aunt ate the small dose mentioned and got, lets say, a little too high. edibles are great medicine but again, it takes a little time to build up tolerance. Keep researching, again, I’m just a guy with a bit of experience. search (spinalcordinjuries/cannabis) lots of info out there, GOOD LUCK, your on the RIGHT path

    • Hi Kyle, sorry to hear about your dad’s condition. I make my salves pretty strong using this recipe but I start basically at step 4. I decarb 5 grams of high-grade hash oil into a cup of coconut oil. Decarb at 220 degrees for half hour. I usually decarb in a Pyrex measuring cup so it’s easy for me to add the rest of the ingredients and then pour into containers.

      I get very good results making my salve this way. You could make it even stronger by adding more hash oil but I haven’t done the research to see if using higher dosage topically is as beneficial as taking it orally. Your dad could also benefit from ingesting it mixed with coconut oil and spreading it on toast or just taking a spoonful of it. I’m helping a cancer patient in this way and am hoping they find relief from it. I mixed 3 grams of hash oil with one cup coconut oil. Each teaspoon is approximately 50mg and can be taken a few times each day.

      Hope some of this helps. And hope your dad gets some relief soon.

      • Hi, Do you not decarb the cannabis before you make the oil?? If so, that job is done. If not, I believe you should. Also, when treating cancer, Please investigate using the (Run from the Cure) method, with decarbed weed to make the oil. I’m no doctor, but I have put a lot of time in studying this. I believe its the BEST way to kick cancers, and just about any other health problems ass. We are all on the right path, we need to continue to exchange ideas & research to find the best way. Thanks, Ihope this helps. Also, depending on the cancer, investigate putting oil under tongue or a sipository. I believe its important.

    • You say it is a month before your father can have another epidural injection in the L4-L5 of his back, that will give you a month to research the true effects of the stuff in the injection site. Hope you do your research

  37. I have post phlebitis syndrome where my lower legs are red from poor blood flow and are swelled at the end of the day. I use compression stockings which help and I need to continually keep using cold creams to keep the skin half way healthy. I just ordered some bees wax and coconut oil so can whip up a batch salve. I did see on another site about decarboxylating the plant matter at 240F for 30 minutes before cooking in the oil and thought I’d share that info. I’ll be back for a report after I make the salve and try it.

    • Decarboxilating is tricky, no perfect answer, yet, can anyone help with this? I’ve heard everything from 350 degrees for 5 min., 200 for 10 min. 240 for 30 min. and many more, WHATS UP? Thanks

      • I typically decarb at 220 for 30 minutes, but that’s when I mix hash oil into coconut oil. If you’re using plant material I believe the same is true, though use your nose. When you start to smell the herb it’s usually done. Don’t cook more as that will burn the herb.

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  40. ANY PLACE at all to purchase this in Phx. Az.? SOOO many uses, and I can use a few especially daily headaches for over 39 years, the DAILY double strength EXTRA STRENGTH Excidrin is killing my liver !!! But HOW do you use it for headaches or neck pain?

    • Well, for neck pain it can be applied topically, as it does permeate the skin and is an incredibly powerful pain reliever. For headaches, smoking or vaporizing cannabis would be the fastest route to relief. Since medical marijuana is legal in your state, perhaps inquire at a local dispensary, they might even be willing to make you some balm if they don’t already have it for sale.

  41. Hi, I am writing to ask 2 questions. First – I made a batch of salve from the recipe above but must have done something wrong. It came out very thin, I have to keep it in the refrigerator. Which of course makes it hard to take with me. I double checked all my measurements (although I did have trouble with the conversion of solid to liquid ounces) . My friend also made a batch and had the same problem. Please let us know what might have happened.
    Next, I suffer from a newly diagnosed skin disorder – Lichen Sclerosis. I have been doing some research into the essential oils and have found a couple I would like to ask if anyone else has tried. One is ‘Bergamot’ and the other is ‘Origanum’ both have great antimicrobial properties against both negative and positive bacterias. They have used derivatives of this oil for years in medicines for other skin diseases. If anyone has or is using these in this recipe please let me know and any other oil you are mixing with it. The ONLY treatment for this at this time is steroids – and it did not work at all after 2 years. I am hypersensitive to a lot of different chemicals, so have to be careful what I use. My life is being ‘ripped off’ from me literally. I could use some help from anyone with an auto immune skin disease that has had success using this salve. Thanks D

    • I have made this recipe many times now and never had it not solidify within maybe 15 minutes of pouring it into jars. My first question is what kind of coconut oil are you using? I know there is a kind of coconut oil that you can buy in a liquid form (I think it’s refined and not organic). You don’t want this kind! If you’re using regular virgin coconut oil that is solid at room temp, then that’s not the problem.

      If you didn’t use enough beeswax, that might also be the problem. I’ve started using the beeswax that comes in pellets so it’s easier to measure and also melts down faster than the solid beeswax. I can’t really think of any other reasons aside from miscalculating on the measurements or using the refined coconut oil.

      I haven’t personally used the essential oils you mentioned, though I have heard of them and know them to be beneficial. I use an essential oil blend that is for deep tissue work and it has a bunch of different oils in it. From everyone who uses my salve, it is very effective for both muscle pain and also some skin disorders.

      I haven’t actually done the first 3 steps of this recipe because I do t use plant matter. I’ve had great success using hash oil which I mix with the coconut oil. I believe this helps the salve be even more effective.

      Hope some of what I’ve said helps. Feel free to email me with any questions as I have made about 10 batches of this salve very successfully. My email is

      • Tree, I wonder if you sell the hash salve and if so what might the price be? I have big issues with pain from degenerative disc disease and bone spurs and also generalized keratosis because if years of sun abuse when I was younger. I am not set up to actually concoct the oil myself at home.
        Thanking you in advance for your response…

          • hello there I was reading your comment about the salve recipe and I was wondering the amount of hash oil you used for how much coconut oil. also is the hash oil highgrade?  thankyou for taking the time to read this, I am trying to help someone who is a chronic pain sufferer and any relief to them is a big help but have had little success with leaf matter.

            Sent from my iPhone

            • Hi Kyle,
              When I make the recipe I typically end up with about 10oz of salve. I use between 3-4grams of high grade oil decarbed and mixed with about 1 cup of coconut oil. You could add less hash oil and likely still have it be effective but I tend to think more is better.

  42. Thank you Tree, yes your response did help. I am using the kind of coconut oil that is solid unless heated. But, I believe it was in the beeswax, I had a hard time with the conversion measurements and probably did not add enough. As for the rest of your information, it helps to know that is has and is being done. Makes me feel better knowing that you have heard of others using this oil. Again, Thank you D

  43. Get pills for free!
    Improve your life!

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    • So, you what put the salve in a pill? And what purpose would that serve? The healing salve is a topical – topicals are not usually ingested for many reasons. So, what type of pills are you talking about being good for 2nd degree burns??

  44. Hi-
    I’m wondering if a daily smoker for over 40 years- not heavily but a 2-4 hit a day habit- would need more active ingredient- more potency. I have osteo arthritis in my fingers. Is there a limit on how potent it can be? I want it to be optimally potent, what ever that is.
    In general. I’m sure there are all kinds of variables.
    Any opinions?

    • Hi Ed,
      I don’t think you would necessarily have to have a much more potent salve to provide relief. Though I do tend to make my salve with more than double the amount of cannabis as other similar products on the market and it’s provided equal relief to non-smokers and daily smokers alike. I believe the quality of the medicine used plays an important role in the effectiveness of the salve. If you can make the salve with high quality flowers or hash oil, you should have no problem finding the relief you need by following this recipe.

      • Hi, in regards to your arthritis, arthritic knees ended my active life until I started eating the cannabinoids. Now am golfing and ready to try tennis again (64). Make some cookies and start with a small piece (eighth) and continue to increase the dose. Soon you will be able to eat 2 or 3 cookies at a time with very little effects and watch what happens to your arthritis. Good luck! Drug testing is BS but can be a problem also eat at night and sleep like a baby.

          • Go to U-tube, search (canna butter recipe) start with small doses and your body will get used to it. soon you can use it constantly and feel only light effects. If your days are busy, do it at night, pleasant dreams.

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  46. I have modified the proportions and used medical grade marijuana to make this salve. It has had 99% positive feedback from my patients and helped everything from acne to arthritic pain. This is an amazing product and worth the investment in top quality materials to prepare correctly.

  47. Thank you for this article! After a nightmare of extreme coccyx/tailbone pain, not getting anywhere with doctors or receiving pain meds, collapsing on the floor crying, missing work and not being able to move at all to play or take care of my four year old son, one application of this cured me last night. I’m back to my old healthy self with absolutely no pain!

    • WOW. No WONDER they want to keep this stuff illegal. It would put pharmaceutical bu$ne$$e$ out of commission in no time!

      Thanks for sharing :)

  48. I’ve created a great skin care product with the help of tgis recipe and other additives, I call it cannabeecoco butter, I had a terrible problem with acne, now with the use of this 2-3 times daily, my skin is now clear and beautiful. I tried so many things proactive, and other over the counter medicines. Nothing worked, except this. Thanks.

  49. I am starting to use salve for skin cancer. I need how to’s on using it, frequency of use, and what happens at each stage of treatment, how long to treat. Thanks

  50. Adhere to the complete therapy of Dr.Ortho.Pour 15-20 drops of Dr.Ortho oil on your palm and gently massage the affected area. Massaging twice daily, morning after bath and night before going to bed gives good results. Taking two capsules twice daily along with water/milk will ensure quick relief.

  51. Thank you for sharing this recipie, my wife has eczema and we are using this with a few twists of our own to help her cope. Thank you as well for sharing my hummingbird image, it would be nice if you would allow me to send you a copy with my copyright inserted in the image? Thanks Jeff

    • Absolutely, we would be happy to post a photo with copyright. Note that the image links to the article. Can you post it on the we. And leave a link here, as there is no email address associated with this site.

      • Thank you, possibly you could just change the link to my site? By the way the salve is working well, better than any of the prescribed medicines she’s tried..DD

        • Cannabis is just so frickiing incredible. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve healed using it, both topically and internally. Usually healing takes less than 48 hours. Anyway – yes, great idea, will link to you.

          Gorgeous, soulful pictures of two of my favorite topics, thank you!

  52. I just had a quick question. I have my medical card. I was wondering if you can make a salve out of tincture you already have? Would that work, and how would I do it? Also, if it would work, what type would I use?
    Thank you.

  53. What is the price of the Topical Cannabis Healing Salve and what are the sizes of the containers that the salve comes in? Are there any recipes that I can make myself of the salve or anything else?

  54. Hey, I just made this last night, but substituted cocoa butter for the beeswax since it hardens at room temperature. I put it in a jar before it was cooled and thought it would be hardened by this morning, but it is still a liquid. please help! i intended to make this for my boyfriend as a gift before a big trip.

        • Absolutely! It helps with arthritis, muscle and joint pain, psoriasis, and I’ve also been told it helps reduce itching from bug bites and has even acted as a sort of bug repellent. Of course, it could have something to do with the other essential oils I add in but that can always be changed for personal preference and the specific ailment you’re treating.

  55. How can I get medical certificate. I also please a receipts to make bio oil or ganja oil. If there is machine to produce oil how much will it be




    • I imagine the effects would be wonderful. Reduction of swelling, promotion of cell growth… I’ll see what the biochemist has to say.

      If I might also suggest, charcoal poultices would help a lot too. There is tons of information online about making them, and charcoal is very cheap. It will help remove swelling, pain and toxins from the injury.

    • Forgive me for taking so long – the biochemist (Dennis Hill) answered:

      Good question about bones and cannabis. Happy to tell you that CBD creates new trabecular (framework) bone. Below is an article about this. It from Dr. Mechoulam and friends.

      I would not recommend a salve, but a high CBD extract.

      Peripheral cannabinoid receptor, CB2, regulates bone mass.

      Orr Ofek *, Meliha Karsak †, Nathalie Leclerc ‡, Meirav Fogel *, Baruch Frenkel ‡, Karen Wright §, Joseph Tam *, Malka Attar-Namdar *, Vardit Kram *, Esther Shohami ¶, Raphael Mechoulam ∥, Andreas Zimmer †, and Itai Bab *

      I then asked Dennis to clarify:

      “Salve is beneficial for skin problems, but the active ingredients can’t get into the bone from the skin. Bone does have blood circulation in blood vessels, this should be the target to get the medicine into circulation to rebuild the bone from the inside out. Using both is fine.

      Extract is another word for RSO, or cannabis oil, or oil extract. The salve is not going to hurt anything, but I think it would be too weak to heal bone through the skin. Oil extract is very high potency, or even CBD elixir would be good. That’s easy to get.”

      • Thank you so much! My Aunt has had life long bone/feet problems and had a plate put in her foot 2 years ago, the bone still has not grown around it. She has been using the ultra sound method for a year to no avail. Fingers crossed this aids her healing. Going forward I’m looking to the internet for CBD resources, do you know of any reputable ones?

  56. My mom suffers from severe pain in her joints and bones, I would like for her to try this since all other prescribed drugs either don’t work or she has an adverse reaction to. Can this be purchased online? In my state it is not legal yet.

  57. I recently made some canna oil with coconut oil and wondered can I just add the bees wax to that to make the salve. I’m assuming I would just reheat the oil (on low temp) and add the bees wax and essential oils. If that is the case, what ratio do I use for the bees wax to canna oil?

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