Texas Women Sexually Assaulted By Police Over Marijuana Smell

Thanks to Radical Russ at Weed Blog for the following:

So you say you don’t smoke pot, so how could the War on Drugs affect me?

Watch the video [below]. It’s in Texas, but it could be anywhere in America… well, except now Washington and Colorado, because marijuana is not contraband there, and the smell of it in a car is not probable cause to search its driver and passengers.

In the video, reported by the UK Daily Mail and all over the national and international media, a trooper pulls over two women – a woman and her niece – for allegedly throwing a cigarette butt out of the car.

While talking to the women in the car over a littering charge, the trooper claims he smells marijuana. He then searches the car and finds no marijuana. He then administers a sobriety test, which the woman who was driving passed. No marijuana, no impaired driving, and the observation of a police officer that they might have littered from a car that smells like pot.

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If the DEA Can’t Tell Us the Difference Between Marijuana and Heroin, Who Can?

From Huffington Post

Last week, DEA chief Michele Leonhart got quite a bit of attention with congressional testimony that left a lot of people shaking their heads in frustration. Here’s what everyone is talking about:

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