HEALED: How I Cured My Cancer with Cannabis


The potheads did it with a rice cooker

From Compassion Chronicles
By Charmie Gholson

Mike McShane has endured five bouts of Squamous cell carcinoma cancer. He’s spent a million dollars and has been treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery by this team of doctors at the Detroit Medical Center. Today, he believes the invasive treatments were unnecessary. He says he’s cured his latest bout with the disease using a highly concentrated form of marijuana oil called Simpson Oil.

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Pot and the “Big C”

From Metro Times Detroit
Cannabis and cancer?
That concept is becoming more and more common these days, and it’s not because smoking the plant causes cancer as some people erroneously claim.

In fact, the clinical evidence that we do have suggests that cannabis could be very helpful in fighting many forms of cancer. In the Petri dish, and in rats and mice, researchers have found that THC and CBD, two active compounds (cannabinoids) in the plant, cause cancer cells to die while leaving healthy cells alone. This is in contrast to conventional chemotherapy wherein all the cells, cancerous and healthy, are killed; hopefully, the cancer dies before you do.

“The scientific studies are consistent in showing that there are constituents in cannabis that have anti-cancer activities,” says NORML deputy director Paul Armentano, who has given court testimony, written and lectured on medical marijuana. “We see that cannabinoids can act as selective anticancer agents in that they target malignant cancer cells and they cause these cells to turn on themselves and trigger cell suicide. They do not trigger suicide in healthy cells.”

Armentano does not claim that cannabis cures cancer. His comments are as cautious as scientists who see potential that cannabis might be used successfully in combination with currently conventional therapies to treat cancer. All of them conclude that more research needs to be done.

A group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin concurred with that after reviewing literature on medical uses for marijuana. Their findings were published in 2007 under the title “Cannabinoids for Cancer Treatment: Progress and Promise” in the journal Cancer Research. They concluded: Continue reading

Rick Simpson Interview: Cannabis oil as a cure for cancer

While we’re on the subject, the news came out today that a link has been found between young men, cannabis use and testicular cancer.

Some insight into how the framing of this (very small, government-funded and quite unscientific study) is being twisted and used as propaganda very close to election time, when 3 states are to vote on legalization – the mainstream media articles leave out some important points:

“The findings are biologically plausible but there is no proven mechanism to link marijuana to testicular cancer”

“While a 2X increase in testicular cancer risk appears moderately strong, in absolute terms, the increase is small (0.012%).”

Here is a review of the study sans propaganda:
Marijuana may increase marijuana cancer risk study

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