Add Marijuana Prohibition to the List of Proven Conspiracies?

From Estamio2 on Reddit

The point comes up that lot of bad medicine was practiced in the 19th Century. Mercury, cocaine and Heroin were prescribed. Cocaine and “Heroin” do have medicinal uses today, but their use is now a Strawman Argument to suggest marijuana-as-medicine is equally quacked.

Inquiry into various substances in the 1800s allowed the emergence of all medicine today, along with the disuse of less effective (or dangerous) drugs. Key is honest scientific inquiry.

I think the fact that marijuana was prescribed as medicine in the 1880s, whether-or-not it was sharing shelves with mercury, proves the Conspiracy of Cannabis Prohibition. It’s use should have been pursued, if it worked.

Because if it is being legitimately (scientifically) pursued, it proves its efficacy as medicine (alleviates symptoms).

The Conspiracy is further proven by the agenda-driven renaming “Cannabis”, “Marijuana” to racially stigmatize the substance. By unscientific demonization by Harry Anslinger along with sensationalized newspaper headlines associating MJ use with crimes.

The excessive, unreasonable and cruel incrimination during the 20th Century is a Conspiracy.

(Hearst-paper lobbyists>Government officials>Law enforcement>Propaganda-influenced public)


Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cannabis: A – Z

Alcohol and opiate abuse

Cannabis can ease both the physical and psychological effects associated with withdrawal from both of these addictive substances.
Cannabis-med studies on marijuana treatment for alcohol and drug abuse
Marijuana in treating alcohol addiction
Medical marijuana as a treatment for alcohol addiction

Alzheimer’s disease

Research shows that cannabis may prevent the formation of deposits in the brain associated with this degenerative disease.
Information from
Cannabis and the treatment of dementia
Cannabidiol: a promising drug for neurodegenerative disorders?

Neurodegeneration is a feature common to dementia sufferers.
This has led to interest in whether cannabinoids may be clinically useful in the treatment of people with dementia.

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An Open Letter To Jeff Sessions From A Doctor Whose Patients Rely On Medical Marijuana

By Dr. David Bearman –

Dear Sen. Sessions,

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Dr. David Bearman, I am considered to be one of the most clinically knowledgable physicians in the field of medical cannabis in the United States. I have spent 40 years working in substance and drug abuse treatment and prevention programs. I was a pioneer in the free and community clinics that are now available to Americans everywhere. I was even a member of then-California Governor Ronald Reagan’s Interagency Task Force on Drug Abuse. I urge you, if confirmed, to take medical cannabis seriously and not only allow state programs to continue to flourish but urge the president, the DEA, Congress and FDA to work on seriously reconsidering America’s current drug laws and policies.

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Michigan: 1st State in Midwest to Legalize Recreational Marijuana; Missouri and Utah Approve Medical Marijuana

(plus this):


from Drug Policy

Press Release

Michigan voters approved Proposal 1, a ballot initiative to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for adults 21 and over, making it the 10th U.S. state to legalize marijuana – and the first in the Midwest. Missouri and Utah also became the 32nd and 33rd states to approve medical marijuana.
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Only 13% Of Doctors Learn Up To Date Info On Medical Cannabis

Patrick Dewals

A close-up photo of a high-end cannabis bud, covered in crystals and tiny hairs. August 22, 2013. (Flickr / Don Goofy)

My search for an expert opinion on medicinal cannabis (MC) brings me to California. Since 1996, following a referendum, medicinal cannabis is legal in the sunny U.S. state. It is estimated that there are already more than one million California patients that use MC.
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Marijuana use in ancient Egypt

There is abundant evidence to show that marijuana was in use as a natural product in ancient Egypt. Egyptologists confirm that the uses for this versatile plant ranged from religious use to practical uses in everyday life such as fabric manufacture. It was also widely used as a natural treatment for different ailments.

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British Journal of Pharmacology Review: Cannabis Effective Treatment For Cancer

Via Gangapreneur

A review of pre-clinical studies by the British Journal of Pharmacology has found widespread evidence indicating that phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant are effective treatments for many facets of cancer, ScienceDaily reports. The review included dozens of studies from a wide range of academic institutions.

“In addition to the well‐established palliative effects of cannabinoids in cancer therapy, phytocannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoid compounds as well as inhibitors of endocannabinoid degradation have attracted attention as possible systemic anticancer drugs. As a matter of fact, accumulating data from preclinical studies suggest cannabinoids elicit effects on different levels of cancer progression, comprising inhibition of proliferation, neovascularisation, invasion and chemoresistance, induction of apoptosis and autophagy as well as enhancement of tumour immune surveillance.” — Excerpt from abstract of “Anti Tumoural Actions of Cannabinoids,” Burkhard Hinz, Robert Ramer

The authors of the review have used the new meta-data to argue for clinical studies with patients, instead of pre-clinical lab work, of cannabinoids’ effect on cancer. Cannabis prohibition and its status as a Schedule I narcotic, according to the U.S. Government, has prevented clinical research with cannabinoids until the last ten years. A lack of preclinical background has since been rectified, allowing a scientific foundation that allows doctors and researchers to now consider and design clinical studies to understand the proper structures for cancer treatment using cannabinoids, both synthesized and directly from the cannabis plant.

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