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Trump’s War on Weed


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Big Pharma’s War on Marijuana

On this episode of America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio discusses the reasons why the marijuana legalization effort failed in Arizona and speaks with Justin Strekal, Political Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, about what pharmaceutical companies have to gain from keeping marijuana illegal.

Find out the REAL difference between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

What an interesting commentary. As he states, *all* use is medicinal use. But isn’t some use spiritual? He suggests the type of use (recreational, spiritual &/or medicinal) depends on your *intent*.

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard introduces Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act to remove marijuana from controlled substances list

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Source: Russia Today

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has urged Congress to federally decriminalize marijuana Tuesday, introducing a bipartisan act to to remove the drug from the federal controlled substances list.

“FBI reports have shown that in 2011 alone, an individual in the United States was arrested for marijuana use, sale or possession every 42 seconds,” Gabbard said in a statement.

The congresswoman introduced the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act (HR. 1227) with Republican Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett, calling on Congress to update its “outdated drug policies”.

The pair called on Congress to take into account the growing body of evidence that suggests the medicinal benefits of marijuana, from the treatment of epileptic seizures to reducing anxiety and “even halting the growth of cancer cells.”

The FDA currently classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 classification, along with MDMA and heroin.

“Mostly in poor and minority communities our current laws are turning everyday Americans into criminals, sending them to jail, ruining their lives, tearing apart families and wasting huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate people for marijuana use,” Gabbard’s statement said.

“The drug has been proven time and time again to be far less dangerous than alcohol, both for individual consumers as well as for the people around them,” she adds.

The Hawaii congresswoman said the current laws surrounding marijuana put a strain on the justice system, and detailed her recent visits to prisons in Hawaii where she saw “crumbling infrastructure, the extreme overcrowding and facilities in dire need of upgrades.”

Gabbard also highlighted the contradiction between federal law and those of individual states regarding marijuana, and how it has affected bankers and credit unions in Hawaii where marijuana is legalized but federal law prohibits them from dealing in financial transactions from marijuana.

“Our state-recognized and licensed medical marijuana dispensary owners, as well as their employees, can’t open a bank account, can’t get a loan from our local

banks,” she said. “The businesses have to literally hold thousands or even millions of dollars and conduct their transactions in cash.

“So whether you personally think that marijuana use is good or bad, whether you would choose to use marijuana or not, the question is, should we really be sending people to jail and turning them into criminals for it?”


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Hemp hemp hemp! All the info you need! It’s a miracle plant!

This is a great, concise interview about Hemp. We think you’ll enjoy.

Beekeeper trains bees to make honey pot plants, and cannabis honey


By Bernie Canter – Mar 4, 2016

French Beekeeper Nicolas Trainerbees has created the world’s first “honey pot plants” and the revelation may have way bigger implications like solving the bee crisis.

Since 2006, the 20-year-veteran artisan beekeeper, marijuana grower, and true renaissance man has been studying and looking at the possible symbiotic relationship between bees and cannabis resin (trichomes or kief). It took him a long, sticky eight years, but in 2014, Nicolas hit the jackpot.

His years of trials paid off and he began to notice that the bees’ health seemed to benefit from cannabis and that the bees’ honey also became infused. The bees utilized the marijuana plant’s resinous glands to make propolis, a gooey material (typically from other tree buds) that act as both a sealant for bee hives and as an “antiseptic, antibiotic, and healing” remedy for the bees.

Likewise, the wax produced by these bees could also (allegedly) benefit the human race. Nicolas claims that the bees’ honey is infused with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and acts as an edible medical marijuana condiment of sorts. He also says that the honey tastes and smells a lot like whichever strain of cannabis is being grown.

As for the bees, it’s hard to determine the extent of their health improvement via one man’s word and without research or studies.


That said, it’s a novel idea, and the mere possibility that a dying breed that creates a vital, medical component (honey) to society might have their savior in the form of cannabis! And for the PETA folks out there, don’t worry: the bees aren’t getting high because they don’t have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabis affects humans because it’s cannabinoids and terpenes bind with endocannabinoid receptors located throughout our brains and bodies.

Conversely, Trainerbee claims they’re much happier and living fuller lives.

trainerbeeFrench Beekeeper Nicolas Trainerbees

photo credit: Dinafem