Marijuana As Medicine ~ an interview with the longest surviving federal medical marijuana patient

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Irv answers the following questions in this interview:

1. What medications were you taking prior to your experience with marijuana?
2. What were some of the side effects associated with other medications?
3. Why are you unable to use any of the legal pain medications available today?
4. What is a ‘cannabis club’?
5. Should cannabis clubs be regulated by the government?
6. What is ‘Marinol’?
7. What was your experience with Marinol like?
8. What is ‘Sativex’?
9. If legal in the US, would Sativex be a viable option for you?
10. Do the euphoric effects of marijuana diminish its value as a medicine?
11. How do you control your dosage when smoking medical marijuana?
12. Have you experienced any side effects from smoking medical marijuana?
13. Does marijuana impair your ability to drive a car?
14. Have you ever had a complete physical and psychological evaluation by a medical board?



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