National Geographic – Marijuana Nation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(note: this video has 2 spots that are messed up, but they are short)

National Geographic’s EXPLORER investigates marijuana, the most widely used illicit drug on the planet, in the one-hour show Marijuana Nation.


In most countries, this plant is illegal; some brand it as dangerous; others seem to look the other way. In the U.S. the federal government places it in the same category as heroin. Across the globe, bold growers plant gardens in national forests, national parks and suburban homes converted into greenhouses. Scientists who study this plant consider it among the most complex in the plant kingdom with 400 active chemicals and compounds. And in California alone, the marijuana trade out paces the entire wine industry, placing it among the largest cash crops in the United States. Intertwined with culture, economics, law enforcement and perhaps medical miracles, this plant holds both peril and promise.



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