Montel Williams on medical marijuana, legalization and MS

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Vodpod videos no longer available. Now let’s talk about medical marijuana.

Montel Williams: Sure. What led you to discover that marijuana was the only thing that could properly manage your pain? What medications were prescribed to you first that didn’t do the job?

Montel Williams: I’ve had Percocets, Vicodin, OxyContin… All legal drugs…

Montel Williams: All legal and prescribed to me. Here’s something that a lot of people don’t get, medicinal marijuana is legal too. Oh, it is?

Montel Williams: Now I’m gonna shock you. For the last twenty five years in this country the federal government has been, on every seventeenth of the month, been distributing canisters of medicinal marijuana to patients across the country. They started off with 21 [patients] and now it’s down to seven, because they’re the only people that have remained alive. Every single month on the 17th, what day is it today? The 17th!

Montel Williams: Today seven cans of marijuana will be sent out from the University of Mississippi to seven patients across the country with an FDA stamp on it. And you have to get a prescription from your physician?

Montel Williams: No. This is a program that was started by the federal government about twenty-five years ago when they realized that marijuana was a viable medicinal agent. The federal government started providing it to certain patients across the country because there was a lawsuit. But then when everybody started to realize that it worked, the program was closed to just those people who get it. So what I say to you when you say, “the other drugs, like OxyContin and those things are legal,” well for seven people in America, Marijuana is legal. Why does the federal government have the right to determine whether or not my pain is less than or greater then one of these seven people? The reason I made that comment, saying all of those pills are legal, is because I wanted to make a point to say that, because I know individuals who have become physically addicted to those pills, who had used them for recreational purposes. So, why are cigarettes legal? Why is alcohol legal? Why is Marijuana not legal? Why is the federal government afraid of Marijuana?

Montel Williams: It’s a dog chasing its own tail. It’s happened in our government over and over again. When lies are told they have to be perpetuated. And they have to be perpetuated at the most extreme level they can be. If you really dig into why marijuana is illegal in this country, it wasn’t made illegal because people feared it as a [harmful] drug. We knew that financially, you can’t make money off of it. If you follow the bouncing ball, which is the money trail to marijuana, you will start to understand why it’s been illegal for the last seventy years in this country. Right now, there’s been so much research going on, we have thirteen states in America right now, who started and initiated medicinal marijuana policies to distribute and get medicinal marijuana to their constituents. It’s really just a matter now of pure and simple ignorance. Now when you say medicinal marijuana, you’re referring to the fact that it’s given to you for medicinal purposes, but you’re using it the same way that somebody would use it recreationally, meaning that you’re smoking it…

Montel Williams: That’s also what is so crazy, and a fallacy. Most people think about people sitting around in a group passing a joint… Like at a party…

Montel Williams
Montel Williams

Montel Williams: But marijuana can be eaten, it can be liquefied, it can be freeze dried, it can be turned into other substances. Right now in California you can purchase marijuana in an oil that you can put under your tongue. That’s the same effect as if you would smoke it. In some cases the edible version of it is for me, and for other people I know who use it medicinally, works better then actually smoking it. Smoking allows for immediate cessation of your pain because it goes right up to your brain and into your nasal passages so you get relief quicker, but the relief lasts longer if it’s ingested. We have all of these fake and false ideas of what marijuana is. And right now you eat it as opposed to smoke it?

Montel Williams: For immediate cessation I smoke it. Most of the time I eat it at night because I suffer from extreme tremors in the evening and I also suffer from extreme neuralgic pain in my feet. If I eat it in the evening it takes [the pain] from a six to about a three. When I pop out of bed I’m normally at my best, so that’s when I work out and I try to get as much work done early in the day. As I get later on in the day, my feet start to go on fire. When they start to hit the fire mark I’m easing my pain, it’s just that simple. I’ve been speaking to politicians all around the country and all around the world on this issue and you’d be surprised; more people understand and back it and believe in it then would step up right now today and vote for it. What would you say to people who say, “What’s next? Then they may legalize cocaine or heroin…”

Montel Williams: Cocaine is legalized right now for a doctor to prescribe. In the form of what?

Montel Williams: Cocaine! A doctor can prescribe for me, right this second, cocaine in a powder form that I can ingest in my mouth. It’s a schedule two drug. Marijuana is a schedule one drug. It is considered one of the worst drugs ever introduced to mankind. It’s in the same category with PCP and Heroin. Below that, schedule two. All the federal government would have to do is change the schedule from schedule one to schedule two, which then makes it a prescribable drug by a doctor. Then marijuana is in the same category as…are you ready for this? Cocaine, morphine, barbiturates and amphetamines. All the other drugs! So just put marijuana on the same schedule and all the answers are solved. You know what people are afraid of because you have four children and you certainly wouldn’t want them using drugs recreationally. In many people’s minds, drug use is drug use, and that’s the end of the story.

Montel Williams: If you take a look at the state of California, since the legislation was passed and they started providing marijuana on a medicinal level, do you know marijuana use among teenagers is down? Since marijuana was made legal for medicinal purposes in the state of California, the usage among teenagers has constantly gone down.



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