The US Supreme Court supports medical marijuana users

In a stunning ruling that will have wide ranging influence on millions of people’s lives, The US Supreme Court today made a final ruling on a case that further supports the use of medical marijuana.

The case, brought by several representatives of 10 California counties, argued that the counties could not issue the California mandated Medical Marijuana ID cards, that patients use and carry to identify themselves as medical marijuana users, thus allowing them to bypass the justice system that would otherwise prosecute them for marijuana possession.

The argument made by the case defendants claimed that, because federal law supercedes state law, the counties were not required to comply with a state law that violates federal law.  However, the Supreme Court disagreed.  They ruled, in essence, that the state does have the right to make laws that are stronger than federal law, including medical marijuana, as is the case in California.

Thus, these 10 counties are now required, by federal mandate of the US Supreme court, the highest court in the land, to begin distributing the necessary ID cards, and give their medical marijuana eligible patients the right to access to their much needed medicine.

This ruling represents a HUGE win for medical marijuana in California, and opens the doors for the rest of the nation to follow the 13 States, representing 26% of the country, that have legalized medical marijuana.

~ Patients for Medical Marijuana

See also: The Huffington Post “The Us Supreme Court Hands Medical Marijuana Major Victory


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