The Truth about Marijuana the Government doesn’t want you to know

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5 thoughts on “The Truth about Marijuana the Government doesn’t want you to know

  1. i ahte how people say marijuana is a gateway drug just because its one of the first drugs people use before harder ones… people also drink alcohol first and probably smoke cigarettes first, hey they even drink milk first so is milk the real gateway drug? you dont smoke marijuana and then say hey now i want to shoot heroin thats just not how it works. people who smoke pot are probobably exposed to people who do other drugs makig them want to try them its not marijuana thats making people want to do harder drugs its people!!


  2. I have lived ,what your discussing ,cannibus is much better for a person to consume than a cabonated product. I smoked cigarettes for 25 years and quit ” cold turkey” no use of synthetic nicotiene. I have smoked cannibus for 42 years and attribute quittng drinking,quitting cigarettes to the smoking of cannibus. Alcohol is the #1 gateway drug in the world. THe people of the United States are fed lies and and far reaching tales of the DEA’s war on drugs. Big Pharma has tried to synthasize (THC )Marinol . Big pharma has synthasized tobacco.The federal government awarded a Lexington ,Ky. company $2 million dollars sdtimulus for pot-withdrawal patch was the headlines in add
    November 2,2009. we all laughed THC in any form is illeagal in KY but not big Phamas Patch.Ask Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from KY what he did with your taxdllars to the company AllTranz inc.


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  4. I plan on continuing my investigations and will submit more
    articles on the subject hence the knowledge can be spread and everyone can
    decide upon themselves. However, due to emissions gas heaters produce, they are not suitable for
    small rooms. There is not any sort of smoke involved during the process because the
    herbs are safe.


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