Marijuana Legalization Debate from CNN’s “America’s High” pt 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

An OK debate —The MMP guy wants to tax and regulate, and fails to cite the preponderance of medical studies that originate in other countries, especially Europe, that substantiate the myth that normalization in any way will lead to increased usage in teen and adult populations.  Both results have been disproved in the real-world experiences of Denver, California, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Another note, it was mentioned that the FDA has a process of long-term study for approved medications in order to keep Americans safe.  Here is some news from earlier in the day about a common cold remedy approved by the almighty FDA. (“Over-the-counter cold spray Zicam has caused loss of smell in more than 100 patients”)

I was once prescribed Bextra for hip pain.  Having just seen a 20/20 show on Phizer, the company who owned this drug, and the methods they used to make sure doctors would prescribe it – including vacations and expensive dinners – I asked my doctor a slew of questions.  He assured me that he thought Bextra was the best option, and for no other reason did he prescribe it.  I brought the bottle home and opened the cap … a weird, antiseptic smell came out … something just didn’t feel right and  luckily, I chose to trust my own inner knowing rather than the doctor.  I threw the bottle away without taking one pill.

The following month’s headlines announced that several people have died from Bextra due to heart complications.

The Bextra lawsuits, filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York …, claim Pfizer failed to adequately and properly test Bextra, and failed to warn doctors, patients and others about its potential risks. (Source)

Thanks, FDA, I will stick to making my own choices for natural and safe medicine as I always have.  I hope one day the law will support me.

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