The Medical “Facts” On Marijuana

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CNN’s “America’s High”, part 3 of 5



One thought on “The Medical “Facts” On Marijuana

  1. Very glad to hear Dr. Sanjay Gupta point out the many medical benefits of cannabis – which most citizens think is a conjured-up pretext put out by drug dealers.

    Also, many thanks to Anderson Cooper and CNN for running these specials on ‘Medical Marijuana’ and ‘Legalize Marijuana’ in a fair and balanced way that FOX could never do.

    RE: the question of smoking it……of course after 40 years of preaching to us NOT to smoke, the FDA, DEA, AMA, and Surgeon General will have a hard time endorsing the smoking of any substance, even a medicine.

    Solution: R & D into new delivery systems, like: nasal sprays, inhalers, trans-dermal patches, liquid-gel capsules, boiled oil, tinctures, extracts.

    The real anti-pot people and big-money interests are against industrial hemp, which threatens these industries: corn (for livestock feed, vegetable oil, sweetener, and ethanol), textiles, paper, and timber/lumber. There are other industries as well, but the economic changes that would accompany the legalization of industrial hemp would upset these big corporate commodity giants in a way they would not like.

    Once again, thank you, Anderson Cooper.


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