Today Show’s Marijuana Debate

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought on “Today Show’s Marijuana Debate

  1. Glad to see NBC airing such a debate. The subject is most important to me as a patient who needs the herbal substance as an effective remedy for arthritis, Crohn’s colitis, and PTSD. My sister is now in chemotherapy (in San Francisco, where it is legal and easily obtained) and she, as well as millions of others, have found enormous relief from using cannabis medicine. She has found an extract in liquid drops, a safe delivery system that makes smoking it obsolete.

    There are tens of millions of patients nation-wide that would benefit greatly from this new/old herbal medicant, and I think it is a sin and a crime NOT to let them have it – especially in extracts and other natural forms.

    The marinol pills are purely synthetic, contain only THC and have none of the other 200+ cannabinoids, and are very expensive.

    The “reefer madness” generation had their day, and locked up millions of users for a victimless ‘crime’ (?), mainly targeting low-income poor people, who suffered the most from these policies. Now it is time for the “New Age” generation to have their way – and we say LEGALIZE IT !!!


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