Oregon Medical Marijuana Doctor – an interview

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12 thoughts on “Oregon Medical Marijuana Doctor – an interview

  1. I was wondering if you may know of any doctor’s in Bend Oregon, that will sign the paper work to get my card back. My doctor refuses the use of cannabis. That is what he put on the paper. So they denied him. I need a doctor that will help him. If you know of anyone please let me know.

    Thank you for your time,


  2. I am pregnant and live in Oregon. I am a medical marijuana patient. My fear is that the doctor will call dhs because of thc in my system. Do they have that right since I am a patient. Are there any medical marijuana friendy ob gyns in portland, OR.?


  3. I am a medical cannabis grower and am 8 weeks pregnant. I quit smoking a month ago (the day I found out I was pregnant) but have continued to vaporize my weakest Indica strain (no White Widow for me!) only when the morning sickness and nausea become overwhelming. I have eliminated all drugs with the exception of vaping ganja and drinking an occasional cup of coffee (1-2x/wk) which strangely seems to also help with the morning sickness, but I feel far guiltier over the coffee than the cannabis. Caffeine, antihistamines, alcohol, and smoke of any kind (due to oxygen deprivation and combustion of any material causing the release of carcinogens) are all known to be harmful to a developing baby, but there is surprising empirical evidence in studies by Dr. Melanie Dreher that points toward ganja doing more good than harm. However, I am scared that even though I am otherwise legal to use and grow (my very fine and all-organic) cannabis, eating an organic diet and taking the highest quality fish oil and organic, food-derived prenatals that I will be listed as a child abuser if I admit my ganja use to my midwife at my first prenatal appointment in two weeks. I’ve been unable to find any solid information pertaining to procedure in the State of Oregon for moms admitting to eating, smoking or vaping cannabis while pregnant. I already love my baby very much and don’t want him/her taken away by Child Protective Services. Any reliable sources on this subject would be most appreciated.


    • I am 13 weeks pregnant, and just had my first doctor’s appointment yesterday where they made me sign a paper submitting to a drug test after collecting my urine. I have used cannabis throughout my life, and have continued to use it for morning sickness. I am SO AFRAID that my child will be taken away or that I will be charged with abuse. I am SO ANGRY that they had me sign the paper after I took the test, and feel violated. I live in Oregon, what ended up happening PDXRosebud?


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