CNN’s Jack Cafferty on Marijuana Legalization 10.23.09

A clip from CNN’s “Situation Room” on the recent changes regarding medical marijuana from the Obama administration and the potential benefits of legalizing marijuana altogether.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



One thought on “CNN’s Jack Cafferty on Marijuana Legalization 10.23.09

  1. Great catch!

    I think the only reason “seniors are more likely to be opposed” is because they’re still under the lies and delusions that it’s bad for a person.

    I really want to see more real-time videos of Parkinson’s patients and even Alzheimer’s patients being given a decent dosage, even smoking a joint, and how the effects of their disease is tamped down, reduced, etc… Even though my Dad is suffering due to Alzheimer’s I am strongly in favor of videos of Parkinson’s patients because the effects should be much easier to see. There are too many people who only believe with their eyes and it seems to me this is one of the best ways to convince them.

    Although I must admit I am a “full legalization” sort. I do not wish to have to go to a doctor to beg, plead, etc… for access to a plant God put here for our use! Pot Prohibition is an evil man-made law, made by thugs for benefit of thugs.

    BTW – Thanks for linking to my site. 🙂


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