Cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease

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The following is written by Dr. Robert Melamede and comes from here.

Alzheimer’s disease is a neuro-degenerative condition for which cannabis and cannabinoid therapies show promise, both for treating the symptoms and the underlying disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is widely held to be associated with oxidative stress due, in part, to the membrane action of beta-amyloid peptide aggregates.  A laboratory study published in 2004 indicates that one of the cannabis plant’s primary components, cannabidiol (CBD), exerts a combination of neuroprotective, anti-oxidative and antiapoptotic effects by inhibiting the release of the toxic beta-amyloid peptide.

Another cannabinoid, THC, has also has been shown to reduce the agitation common to Alzheimer’s sufferers, according to findings presented in 2003 at the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists’ 34th annual meeting.  Agitation is the most common behavioral management problem in patients with Alzheimer’s and affects an estimated 75 percent of people with the disease.  It may lead to a variety of symptoms ranging from physical and/or verbal abusive postures, physically non-aggressive conduct including pacing and restlessness, as well as verbally disturbed behaviors such as screaming and repetitive requests for attention.

This study and the Institutes of Medicine report also show THC to be effective in combating the anorexia or wasting syndrome common to Alzheimer’s sufferers, since food refusal is a common problem in patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s type dementia. The appetite-stimulation properties of cannabis are some of the most well-established in clinical research.

This new research on cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease, coupled with the extensive work done on other neuroprotective qualities of cannabis and its components, indicates that cannabis may become the source of the most effective treatments for battling the Central Nervous System diseases that afflict millions of elderly Americans.


One thought on “Cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Thanks.

    Now we need to muster our resources to increase these studies and/or their number of participants.

    Personally I have set my sights on totally smashing all drug prohibition, top-to-bottom, thus removing any and all barriers to research and medicinal use.

    I recall a woman in a TV show I saw about Alzheimer’s disease. She said her friends told her, “you don’t seem like you have it, you speak clearly and seem like your usual self.” But she was realistic and pointed out that while that may be the case, she has noticed her memory in decline and wanted her friends to know about it as soon as possible.

    I visited my parents for Thanksgiving and it was heart wrenching to see my Dad work at his puzzle-book solving problems, filling out page after page, all trying to stave it off.

    That others are so heartless and slander this plant to hell is appalling. I feel certain that the prohibitionists have no idea what pain awaits them, although I have documented it and they can read it in their very own Bibles. They have eyes to see but are blind, ears to hear but are deaf. I would add to that and say “minds to think but are dumb.”

    I continue to be seriously aggravated these holier-than-thou types who worship the Bible instead of God continue to overlook the multitude of ironies in the Bible and the many they even talk about themselves!

    They continue to (try to) put themselves higher than the one God who gave us free will and they make themselves servants of evil by denying us the ability to exercise our free will. God and Jesus did no such thing, and still do not! These folks from Australia made a funny 60 second video which I wrote an intro for:
    Wanted: God, for Creating Illegal Plants!


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