Dr Andrew Weil on Medical Marijuana

Very good interview regarding marijuana with the renowned author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil.  This segment appeared on MNC in January 2005.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



3 thoughts on “Dr Andrew Weil on Medical Marijuana

  1. I was wondering if any of the american Dr’s who are advocates of the mmj program’s are also licenced to practice in canada or have considered trying to organize canadian physicians into creating a franchise of clinics across canada where people who would prefer to use medicinal marijuana must bring all medical documents that are needed to support a category 1 illness. And all the information needed for a dr to refer them to a specialist to assess there condition. The reason I ask is if an enterprising group of Dr;s who are or can be licenced to practice in canada were so inclined to do so presently there is 6000 patients with there exemptions but an estimated 400k more that are using cannabis medicinally because of the difficulty in finding a Dr who is competent enough to know cannabis is an excellent pain reliever and in my opinion preferable in any case were it can be used instead of opiate pain killers in a long term treatment. But because of the fact that we have so few DR’ willing or who feel competent to prescribe cannabis there are numerous patients who are suffering daily and risking criminal records. Dr’s in the states who are able to practice here or are able to advise and possibly recruit new young Dr’s to form a series of canadian cannabis evaluation clinics and fill out the health canada exemption forms would be for one be aiding a lot of sufering people and if that isnt enough 400k patients paying say $125 for initial recomendation and then $85 per year for renewals and they are looking at a large windfall of profit while helping many in need I think just for the first year the gross income if the estimates of 400k patients using cannabis because of lack of DR’s to aid in there receiving there exemption and your looking at 50million in there first year and with renewals alone and no new patients the yearly gross of 400k x $85 = 34mill per year so as you can see the amount of people who are presently using cannabis medicinally without exemption and those who could benefit from cannabis but are afraid to break the law to receive relief from the symptoms is very high and unfortunately there seems to be no fast answers for them. What is needed is a group of Dr;s to step up to bat and form clinics to help these people. And in canada with it being a federally licenced program there are a lot less problems for patients who comply with the regulations which makes it much easier on the Dr;s as well.


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