2 thoughts on “Marijuana Generates Brain Cells Growth In Rats

    • I guess one could say they have thick heads they have to shout constantly.

      My sex-ed class was not in jr high, but 6th grade (El.), just noting.

      I happen to only like and watch the News Hour on PBS. I can handle commentary and ad-libbing from friends and others in-person, but when it comes to people paid to report the news I have higher standards. I do not watch news to be entertained, I watch news for facts. (See/Read Jim’s 3 paragraph description of their news ethics: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/media/july-dec09/pbsnewshour_12-04.html scroll to bottom.)

      Not sure if you’ve seen clips from North Korea, but it sounds nearly exactly the same, a “journalist” shouting at the viewers. The main difference is that in North Korea they have crappy recording devices with no compressors (read: meters in the red, overdriven and clipped sound) but the big name U.S. outlets have high quality equipment.


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