Marijuana Generates Brain Cells Growth In Rats

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(news clip)

Here is an article we highly recommend on the subject,

Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain



2 thoughts on “Marijuana Generates Brain Cells Growth In Rats

    • I guess one could say they have thick heads they have to shout constantly.

      My sex-ed class was not in jr high, but 6th grade (El.), just noting.

      I happen to only like and watch the News Hour on PBS. I can handle commentary and ad-libbing from friends and others in-person, but when it comes to people paid to report the news I have higher standards. I do not watch news to be entertained, I watch news for facts. (See/Read Jim’s 3 paragraph description of their news ethics: scroll to bottom.)

      Not sure if you’ve seen clips from North Korea, but it sounds nearly exactly the same, a “journalist” shouting at the viewers. The main difference is that in North Korea they have crappy recording devices with no compressors (read: meters in the red, overdriven and clipped sound) but the big name U.S. outlets have high quality equipment.


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