CNN Headline News on Marijuana Legalization – Gateway Theory?

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Here is the brand new study debunking the myth that marijuana leads to hard drugs.

CONCLUSION: These results suggest the “gateway” pattern at least partially reflects unmeasured common causes rather than causal effects of specific drugs on subsequent use of others. This implies that successful efforts to prevent use of specific “gateway” drugs may not in themselves lead to major reductions in the use of later drugs.

The “Gateway Theory” has been proven false, and in fact, the exact opposite of reality. Studies show marijuana use actually discourages heavy drug use. Marijuana (Cannabis) is being used to treat opiate and alcohol addiction. Now how do we get the media to report the truth instead of spreading Reefer Madness?

Marijuana no gateway drug

Study of 4,000 indicates marijuana discourages use of hard drugs

Marijuana to treat alcoholism

Marijuana may help treat heroin addiction



9 thoughts on “CNN Headline News on Marijuana Legalization – Gateway Theory?

  1. What is wrong with your government the only reason i bombed you is because your so ignorant to the facts of marijuana and its god like powers.


  2. I wonder why the government actively ignore scientific facts on cannabis? They use the very few negative anecdotal experiences to further their propaganda, dismissing every positive anecdotal experience from medicinal cannabis users. Why? The scare tactic now is ‘psychosis’, the older one from the 1920’s – 1930’s was that it makes ‘white women want to sleep with black men’. I wonder what the new scare tactic will be in 50 years lol.


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