How to Make Your Own Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson


10 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson

  1. Bubble hash, I think that canna butter is better than hemp oil. Or water curing and eating the bud. The oil that he is making would be great for a fuel source as well.


  2. I understand that his reason for using this method, is that you can really get an intense dose of cannabinoids this way. When it’s Rick Simpson’s oil, it is more like tar and can be rolled up into a pill. We have a friend who is using this – as the chemo almost killed her and her doctors said there is nothing more to do but morphine and wait for death.

    The Hemp oil is good because if our friend is unable to eat much that day, she can still take the little pill. She also eats food infused with cannabis via cannabutter, but that’s only the days she is able to keep food down (not often). Her massive tumor, which you could see through her clothes, has shrunk in half and although she was not supposed to live past June 2009, she is still with us.

    But if you don’t have a terminal cancer you are treating, I would agree with you.

    Meanwhile, my scientist friend is experimenting with other types of distillation methods…


    • I understand. Bubble hash is hemp oil, instead of using alchol or other solvents it is distilled using ice cold water and mircon screen, and stays a honey color. It is just as easy to make a pill out of, check out I have truly learned a great deal from this community of like minded people from all over the world. Tell your scientific friend to check it out, he/she might be able to add insight to a wonderful cause.


      • Jason, thank you so much! This may the very thing we are looking for. An article was just written for Alternet about the ‘Cannabis Cancer Cult’ – they were being quite negative about marijuana advocates who tout the herb as a cancer cure, and they focused the negativity on the danger of the solvent used in Rick’s oil. So maybe you’ve just offered the answer…


  3. I thought the same thing about the solvents, but please don’t credit me. The info on this has been out there for years. But yeah rip them people a new one.


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  5. the liquid gold simpson method oil, is I say extremly well working for my definite ailments. It works awesome. Thank you Rick Simpson. I tip my head to ya.


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