Mexican Cartels Join DEA in Opposition of U.S. State Marijuana Laws


The DEA and other federal agencies want to incarcerate people and overly regulate this simple herb and you know who is on their team? That’s right, the Mexican drug cartels.

Source: Tim King This nation is heading for a showdown with the Drug Enforcement Agency, a government arm nearing rogue status. They have been running awry of state laws in order to keep the pharmaceutical and insurance industries intact. The DEA is an enemy of the emerging data that keeps painting marijuana an even richer tone of green, and their interests a sootier shade of black.

They are the last vestiges of the Bush Administration’s whacked out interpretation of how things should be. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the feds shoveling sh*t over the vibrant people of America.

The moral compasses of these so-called cops is soaring somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle. The centerpoints of the new campaign are both LA and San Diego Counties, where the will of the people is utterly devalued.

Marijuana never should have been criminalized and only a blind, closed minded society would seek to keep it that way. Clearly, it is not the will of the people that is at stake, but the profits of the above mentioned industries.

The feds want to lock up your sons and daughters, parents and grandparents, because of a plant that grows naturally in the ground. Pot laws are a farce and a case of extremely willful prejudice. Laws against marijuana are rooted in bigotry toward Mexicans and African-Americans.

Jack Herer, author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, wrote the book of all books on this subject. He exposed the process used to vilify and then criminalize this herb which helps Americans by the millions.

The DEA and other federal agencies want to incarcerate people and overly regulate this simple herb and you know who is on their team? That’s right, the Mexican drug cartels. They are the DEA’s friends.

Only a complete simpleton misses the connection.

Keeping marijuana illegal and non-commercial only helps big pharma, insurance, DEA job security, and these cold blooded drug dealing killers south of the border. The United States is economically strapped and the DEA wants to keep it that way.

In my view that makes them a danger to our very existence. The agency should be disbanded, they had their chance and they have miserably failed. In their heyday they added to the problem of “drugs in America” through their complicity with the Ronald Reagan/Ollie North era guns for drugs programs operated by the DEA’s sister agency, the CIA.

Our writers Dr. Phil Leveque and Allan Erickson have written about this at length, along with Norm Stamper, former Seattle Police Chief, who is an active proponent and member of the forward thinking group called LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Americans have been had and now the DEA wants to rub salt in our wounds by proving that they don’t have to follow state laws; as if they are somehow above it, as if somehow there is no United States at all.

People of the older generations might as well get it through their heads that practically everyone today either has or does use marijuana. Again, as Dr. Leveque has written hundreds of times over the years on these pages, marijuana has never caused a single death. It is an appropriate alternative to alcohol, which kills a person’s liver.

Almost every single negative thing you have ever been taught in school, or told by a police officer about marijuana, is probably not true.



4 thoughts on “Mexican Cartels Join DEA in Opposition of U.S. State Marijuana Laws

  1. Those who are the most opposed to any form of Cannabis re-legalization are organized crime, Law Enforcement including the DEA, the prison industrial complex, prosecutors and the rest of the “arrest and prosection” industry. It has been this way all along. No surprises in this article, but thank you for writing it.


    • The article comes from Salem News –

      There is also Big Pharma fighting Cannabis legalization. Since the Pharmaceutical industry has 2 lobbyists for each congressperson, they pretty much own the government.


  2. If that is the case (two lobbyist per congressman/woman) or even remotely the case, then we must make our voices heard. I wish there was someway we could all unite over this issue, we do for so many other things, and we would hold a vast majority and most likely be the most peaceful.


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