CBS accepts NORML’s Marijuana Legalization Ad – thanks to you!

Many of our readers were upset by the news that CBS had banned a pro-legalization ad – citing a moral conflict.   How exciting it was to find this announcement from Change dot org in my inbox today:

VICTORY! CBS Will Accept NORML Marijuana Legalization Ad

I’ve got big news!

You and more than 8000 others sent letters to CBS protesting the company’s decision to reject a marijuana legalization ad produced by NORML for a Times Square billboard, and we just heard that CBS has reversed its decision and will accept the ad!

I got the news yesterday from a senior CBS official and I think this is a great example of how we can take action online and get real-world results. So thank you to everyone who sent a letter and helped spread the word….

Once again, thank you for taking action and helping to hold CBS accountable.

Robin Beck

Organizing Director

The ad in question:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Change.Org’s press release)  Was it Margaret Mead who said, “Never underestimate the power of 8,809 readers who care about criminal justice?” Okay, maybe not quite that. But I’m excited to announce that one story we’ve closely tracked here at — CBS’s refusal to accept a pro-marijuana legalization ad — resulted in a victory this afternoon.

Last month, NORML reported that CBS had denied the group’s request to place an ad in Times Square that touted the potential billions in taxes that would result from legalizing marijuana. Remember, this is a network that boasts marijuana-infused advertisements for their Showtime Network show, Weeds. It’s also the network that was perfectly willing to air a controversial anti-abortion ad aimed at peak viewership during the Super Bowl. But still, somehow CBS decided that NORML’s message (“Legalize Marijuana – Billions in Taxes”) would ruffle the network’s too-delicate sensibilities.

In a Feb. 3 rejection email, NORML was told, “If CBS changes their morals we will let you know.”

Well, it turns out that a month later, the network has decided to stop censoring NORML’s message. This afternoon, our organizing director here at spoke with CBS’s communication vice president, Shannon Jacobs. Jacobs told us that the network “communicated to the people who wanted to place the ad that they will accept the ad if they still want to run it.”Congratulations to NORML for winning this well-deserved turnaround — and thanks to all the readers who helped out CBS’s decision.



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