Marijuana and driving: medicated is not “stoned”

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The government that supplies Irvin Rosenfeld with medical marijuana [10 to 12 joints a day for the past 28 years] has for decades denied the drug’s efficacy, penalized those states that legalized medicinal cannabis and actively prosecuted suppliers in those states.  Rosenfeld says the drug acts as “a muscle relaxant, an anti-inflammatory, a painkiller and keeps tumors from growing.”

What it does not do, he said, is get him high.

I don’t get high. I need the medicine; I’m not getting any euphoria,” he said.

Rosenfeld said the marijuana allows him to maintain a normal life. He’s been married for 36 years, goes to work every day, volunteers teaching disabled children to sail, and is working on a book. (Source)

From Stoned driving or just THC positive?

Does a positive Urine Analysis test or Blood Test for THC (Marijuana) indicate or confirm a driver is under the influence at the time the drug test is administered?  NO!

A current and upcoming debate in DUI Laws is whether Marijuana impairs a motorist’s ability to operate a vehicle. More importantly is the fact that Marijuana has a long “shelf life”, meaning that it can exist in a person’s blood stream long after having any effect on their mental and motor skills.

From University Of Toronto Study Shows Marijuana Not A Factor In Driving Accidents

“The safety hazards of smoking marijuana and driving are overrated”, says University of Toronto researcher Alison Smiley.

“Recent research into impairment and traffic accident reports from several countries shows that marijuana taken alone in moderate amounts does not significantly increase a driver’s risk of causing an accident — unlike alcohol, says Smiley, an adjunct professor in the department of mechanical and industrial engineering. While smoking marijuana does impair driving ability, it does not share alcohol’s effect on judgment. Drivers on marijuana remain aware of their impairment, prompting them to slow down and drive more cautiously to compensate”, she says.

From Driving under the influence of cannabis

“Although it is tempting to consider the possibility of simply adapting the same techniques, policies, procedures and countermeasures that were developed for the drinking and driving problem to deal with the [marijuana] and driving issue, such an approach belies the complexity of the issue. Whereas there may be similarities and parallels between drinking and driving and [marijuana] and driving, it is important to appreciate that the differences are substantial.”

“You don’t get high from medical marijuana” – Melissa Etheridge (2:40)

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