Research Shows Smoking Marijuana In Rehab Is Okay

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By Dennis RomeroLA Weekly

Dr. Drew would keel over at the notion, but a study published March 5 in the Harm Reduction Journal suggests that it’s okay smoke weed while trying to ween yourself off other drugs.

That’s right, forget the total, 12-step program. According to researcher Ronald Swartz “cannabis use did not seem to compromise substance abuse treatment” during his look at both medical marijuana users and non-pot smokers. The success rate of both groups in dealing with the abuse of other substances was the same, he writes.

” … Medical marijuana is consistent with participation in other forms of drug treatment and may not adversely affect positive treatment outcomes,” Swartz writes.

So go ahead — while you work on that drinking problem at the Betty Ford Center or deal with those cocaine pangs in Celebrity Rehab — spark up that bowl. Just don’t tell Dr. Drew.



One thought on “Research Shows Smoking Marijuana In Rehab Is Okay

  1. You should see how much tobacco they smoke in rehab with the blessings of people like Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew and all those other rehab centers/providers make a huge windfall off of forced rehab via the the arrest and prosecution industry. Is it any wonder they are so adamant about all prohibition, including Cannabis? God forbid it would be legal, they would lose billions of dollars.

    If you even mention the values and harmless nature of Cannabis to any rehab director they have a fit and act like you are talking about heroin or meth, as they chain smoke thier Marlboros and deny that tobacco is a drug.

    Good old hypocrisy. It is very easy to find in the Rehab industry!


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