Cannabis Chocolate: my cure for depression

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 3.23.54 AMThis will relieve depression, give you the greatest sleep ever, is a muscle relaxant for MS and spinal cord injury-related spasticity, helps arthritic pain, digestive problems, anxiety and PTSD (& more) – without any of the negative mental effects that some find with smoking.

Recipe for one dose

make at least 4 doses as a time. to be taken 1-2 hours before bed.

  • chop a good sized bud into a powder, go at it with a sharp knife until it’s fluffy, removing stems. this will expose as much of the plant matter to the heat as possible. use smoking-quality bud, and since this is to be taken at nighttime, try to use an Indica strain. remember, it takes from 3-5 times more cannabis to make an edible dose as compared with smoking. (although it will last 6-8 hours)
  • put it in a little oven safe bowl and put the bowl in a baking pan to prevent spillage.
  • bake in the oven at 212F -225F for 10 minutes; this gets the cannabinoids, the medicine, to open up and begin to release. you should begin to smell a yummy smell at about 9 min.
  • remove from oven and pour coconut oil over the plant matter, just enough to cover. (you can use any high heat oil, but this goes well with chocolate and melts quickly, meaning you can dose by letting it melt on your tongue – it will take effect in seconds.)
  • put it back in the oven at 212F -225F for 1 hour.
  • take it out of the oven, and mix in broken pieces of Ghiradelli chocolate squares (60% chocolate is good, found in the baking section). for really strong medicine, you can use equal parts oil and chocolate. use up to 4 times as much chocolate – mix it in this same bowl with the oil, leaving the plant matter (do not strain out the cannabis as with cannabutter).
  • the chocolate will melt fast, keep stirring.
  • optional: add chopped almonds to mask the crunchies in the plant matter
  • allow to cool & pour it into a zip-lock baggie, lay it flat in the refrigerator. you could also coat a pan with butter and pour the chocolate in there. alternately, you could get little tins for ‘peanut butter cups’ and make them with freshly ground almond butter, pouring the chocolate on top.
  • remove when hardened (10 minutes) and break or cut into squares.

Notes ~

The bigger the dose, the better it works, and you won’t end up feeling drugged in the morning. It will take some experimenting to see what the right dose is for you (called “titration”). Try this for the first time when you don’t have to work the next morning. The oil recipe is actually for topical use (you want to strain out the plant matter if using topically).

The oil is the medicine. You can make this oil into a salad dressing, or put it on toast, use it for frying eggs… it’s unbelievably easy and healing to eat cannabis!



12 thoughts on “Cannabis Chocolate: my cure for depression

  1. I have made Butter, chocolate, toffee, and make up milkshake type meal replacement. The dose you talked about would not do a single thing to me, i need a huge amount for it to work. I want to eat my medicine rather than smoke it, but the studies show you need 3-5 times the amount you would need for smoking. It is the safest way of using my medicine and it turns out to be the most expensive way of using my medicine. Darn.


    • I hear you, Mike. Are you leaving the plant matter in or straining it? For me, it does take at least 3 times as much edible cannabis to dose as compared to smoking. Though, it lasts about 5 or 6 times longer when eaten. The size bud in the picture works for me, but that’s probably determined by body size, physical issues being treated, etc. It does seem unfortunate that our preferred method costs so much more, but when you think about it, cannabis is free. Once it is legally free, there is no problem.


      • Don’t know what dirt weed you’re getting, but when SWIM puts a dub into a batch of brownies, they are potent as hell.
        One time SWIM put a whole quarter into a batch once.
        I’ll never seek to anger the gods again in such a fashion.

        Why am I saying SWIM when it’s legal where I live?

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  2. HEY! Nice article! best way to calculate the dose is 0.2 – 0.5 gram of bud every 160lb of bodyweight (i use 10gram of butter for every dose) it works for me, give me deep high dreams, absolut rest, and kills anxiety 100%, in fact when i eat i smoke less weed and cigs

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  3. i used this recipe in a jar in a crock pot and added, the chocolate, coconut flakes and diced almonds after ward to the jar, kept cooking for a little bit, and it turned out wonderful

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  4. 325 is not to high of a temp it is the highest you can go tho. I use an ounce of quality for I cup of oil. The high lasts a long time and it’s the only way for me to beat the insomnia. I made fudge last week with 1 pound of butter and an ounce and a half. One piece keeps me medicated for 8 hours it’s worth the price.


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