2 thoughts on “Drew Carey Talks about Benefits of Marijuana

  1. 2.s.c. deschamps
    I have type 2 diabetes and glacoma. I have been on the CURE (cannibus oiil ) for 2 years.
    I eat 1/2 gm of oil each morning. size of a small pea.
    I have lost 80 lbs and my sugar counts have gone from 14 to 6.5
    My eye pressure counts have dropped from 28 to 18

    My hubby used this oil on a hard lump on his arm that WAS skin cancer, the oil softened the mole and skunk it back into his skin it no longer is there


  2. How do police departments or federal agencies have any right to deny interviews? They are paid with tax dollars and IMO are obligated to face those they have accused as well as the public who are finally sick and tired of their meddling in areas they do not belong – OUR HEALTH! How dare they dictate what they believe is safe medical care when they are in the area of crime – not medicine. Makes me sick!


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