How I use Medical Cannabis (a testimonial)

A friend of this blog recently submitted a raw food-inspired fudge recipe from our “tests kitchen” near Santa Fe (which we’ll be posting soon). There were some notes included with the recipe regarding the healing effects of all the different ingredients, and we asked her to elaborate.  Although her testimony is pretty unbelievable, it’s quite easy for me to believe as I have experienced these same profound healing effects from Cannabis ~

“i have fibromyalgia symptoms, supposedly comes from my muscles never turning off – cannabis gets right into the very cells and calms them down – the spasms stop and the knotting of the muscles (you can see and feel it) stops.

i have ptsd symptoms, meaning nightmares, hyper arousal, cant sleep, fear all the time, eating is sporadic cause i cant digest food – cannabis gives me an appetite and i can actually eat without a stomach ache, helps me sleep, calms my mind so not on hyper arousal and no fear, and lessens the nightmares.

i have had to take an overabundance of vitamin c because of a toxic liver situation, which affected my intestines – Cannabis stopped the symptoms in my intestines.

I have a migraine today and cannabis took a lot of the pain off.

Now all this happens when i am not high – as i am taking only an amount to calm my symptoms, digesting it [via edibles].”


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