Medical Marijuana Cancer Study

We are clearly making fast progressions! Don’t let your government RUN FROM THE CURE!

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7 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Cancer Study

    • Thanks for saying hi, Drew! Posted one today just for you ~ things just haven’t been the same since the oil spill…


      • Thanks for the thought. Not particularly cheery, but just makes me long for the day when things go right.

        Sorry to hear that about the goo in the gulf! I can kind of begin to understand the perspective of folks down there.

        Seems like your style sheet(s) got disconnected somehow.


  1. Why would anyone deny medical marijuana for those who suffer. It makes no sense to me. Compassionate care should include medical marijuana. Period. Why aren’t the major news outlets covering this?


    • There are some really sick minds out there. They enjoy people suffering. They hate the thought of such simple solutions.

      Major news outlets suffer from a conflict of interest. Instead of living up to their journalistic principles, they cast integrity aside and take money from pharmaceutical companies that rake in money like it was going out of style.

      There are lots of reasons. None of them good though.


    • You know, i really don’t want to sound negative, but my answer to you comes from my attorney, with whom i spoke recently. He is on the board of Patients Out of Time, they advocate for medicinal use of Cannabis.

      According to him and his over 40 years of fighting this fight, it is all about money. There is such an incredible amount of money made by people getting sick (the hospitals, the pharmaceuticals) that if we could treat ourselves from our own backyard it would be devastating to more than a couple industries.

      What i was told just the other day is that actually Hemp, the kind you can’t get high from, has incredible cancer-healing properties (as does Cannabis, but Hemp even more so) – to the point that the ‘powers that be’ are making sure it stays illegal.


      As for media, here i go sounding negative again but i believe this is fact: mainstream media is owned by corporations that determine what the content will be.


  2. editors and the attorney have it right. Evil Greed is one of the most corrosive behaviors there is. Money is one of the most addicting drugs there is. Power over others, the same.

    Take a look at the recent TIME magazine cover article, about how our states have over-promised on public employee retirement. I am certain the biggest percentage of that is due to the Drug War. Not too long ago I read a cop’s own testimony that money was no issue, to him, in order to wipe out marijuana.

    So the reckless crazies drive us all to ruin, forcing us to pay for an Evil Religion of Hate that is destroying our country, the planet, and their own retirement funds! Talk about blind!

    In addition to them is the greedy “health care” industry, like the editor points out. Nothing like those “high paying jobs.” But they are like parasites sucking untold sums of money from our government.


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