Eating raw cannabis as medicine, dietary essential: new research

This is a must-watch video featuring some of the top researchers on the healing effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) in it’s raw form, eaten or juiced.  A few quotations:

  • Cannabis is a dietary essential that helps all cell types function more effectively.
  • Is a medicine: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, probably has some direct activity against cancerous cells.
  • This plant can do phenomenal things, but not if [you aren’t taking a high enough dose].
  • Cannabis is the most important vegetable in the world.

Alternately, go Here to see the video.

26 thoughts on “Eating raw cannabis as medicine, dietary essential: new research

    • I wonder if they did the research on real cannabis or the genetically modified monstrosity we see produced today. I gave up smoking marijuana about 15 years ago when the potency began to increase to the point where I was unable to function normally as I did for many years before. I love the argument that pot is natural. The stuff that is manufactured today is far from natural. It is genetically modified to make it so potent that it renders the user incapable of much of anything and prone to addiction. Bring back REAL marijuana and stop manufacturing this poison.


      • No cannabis is GM, it’s just selected and hybridized, it’s not the same thing at all. If it hadn’t ever been selected and hybridized by humans it would just be wild hemp that won’t get you high much if at all.

        Eating cannabis raw has no psychoactive properties anyway.


      • it is real weed haha more real than the stuff you were raised on, all grow lights and all of that are for is to replicate the ideal environment for growing weed.. if you’ve ever smoked wild weed from south asia you’ll know that it’s just as strong as our homegrown ‘super skunk’


    • Um, marijuana should not only be available to people are sick, but it should also be available to people who are NOT sick so they can avoid the illnesses that are cured by cannabis.

      I hope the people responsible for upholding prohibition are just ignorant, because if they know that cannabis is good for humans and they continue to keep it illegal, it makes them some pretty nasty, confused, psychotic, and dangerous people. If they know cannabis is good, then their sanity should come into heavy questioning and criticism, and they should be asked why they prefer that people get sick and die instead of remaining healthy and happy.

      This long explanation floats around, but it’s all relevant to the picture I’m trying to build:

      Humans are meant to be happy. That there is so much depression is a sign that something is wrong. That something is that cannabis has been taken away from humans — a plant that humans have come to actually DEPEND on for their health and happiness. The receptors in our central nervous systems that bind to THC is proof that evolution, humans and cannabis go together like pancakes, butter and syrup. The presence of marijuana’s nutrients in your body makes it possible for your central nervous system to communicate more effectively with all parts of your body. This is made evident by the heightened perception one has while they’re high. If the people who have never used pot tried it, they would discover something quite remarkable about the human body and the mind: you CAN become more intelligent through the use of cannabis, but you must learn to use those “flights of fancy” as opportunities discover that it’s easier to think outside the box and see life in a whole new way through the experience of consuming cannabis. This is why the people who have used cannabis KNOW that it is good (because they have two perceptual experiences to relate to: high and not high), while the people who have never used cannabis (or only used it once and didn’t like it, or they saw one of their friends use cannabis (probably along with coke, PCP, acid, crystal meth and alcohol) and that friend something really stupid and got hurt or killed, and since marijuana was one of the “drugs” in use, the critical one just lumps pot in with all the stuff that might really throw you way out in the ozone. (I don’t know, I’ve never used those.)) are currently the ones CLAIMING to be the experts on cannabis. How can THEY possibly know what marijuana users actually experience if they’ve never even tried the stuff, or didn’t experiment with it enough to actually discover what it really does. Scientific studies that interview marijuana users in tests really do nothing to actually explain to the scientists conducting the study what marijuana is actually doing. The scientists are sitting around trying to examine the human body physiologically to figure out what marijuana might be like, while the best way to discover it is to actually TRY some for yourself and experience it. That will reveal more to you, in time and contemplation, about EVERYTHING than scientific studies ever will. Scientific studies about cannabis are okay, but so is the use of it! Put the two together and you will have FAR more of those pleasurable OH! moments and “AHH!” moments as you see your own perception of the world changed. Better ways to engineer a society come into view — a way to actually build peace. And notice that the ones telling us we cannot use cannabis are the ones pointing guns at us to stop us from doing it! And I don’t even OWN a gun, nor do I want to. Yet I’m so dangerous that I must be held away from pot by people with GUNS??

      It appears to me that the peaceful people are being ruled by the violent and ignorant people. I’m sorry if this sounds insulting to policemen, but it’s a fact to me that I don’t want a gun, I hate seeing people in pain and suffering. And yet if you found me with pot, you think I need to be taken off the streets???

      Well, I didn’t try pot for the first time until I was 26. In high school, I had heard it was around, but nobody ever asked me if I wanted to use any, and I didn’t go looking for it. I just wasn’t interested and didn’t think about drugs at all. My parents never smoked pot, and none of my friends smoked it, so it just wasn’t even a part of my smallest thoughts. But in health class in the 9th grade, we had to go through drug education. That was where I heard more about it than I ever had. My parents never even told me to stay away from drugs, except for the time when I was about seven and wanted to ride my bike to the park and play in the woods behind it. My mom said “no” because, she said, “There’s dope in those woods.” I didn’t know what dope was, but an image of a bag of white powder popped into my mind just from her saying that. Anyway, after hearing about all these drugs in health class, I was convinced that I should stay away from all those drugs. I didn’t know what “euphoria” was, but the image that popped into my mind was of someone lying on a bed with their eyes closed in pleasure, and smiling a lot. I suppose I had somehow been convinced that lying on a bed and smiling in pleasure is a bad thing, so I should try to avoid doing that. So I was scared to death of drugs by then. I had decided that I would never, ever use drugs like that for anything.

      So I graduated high school with a B average. I think I was somewhere between 35th-40th in a class of around 300 kids, I think. A few years went on, and when I was 24 I decided to try a new line of work to increase the quality of my lifestyle. Right after I was hired, there was a company picnic. There was a man and woman I was talking to, and they said they were going to the car and they asked if I wanted to come along. I went along, and when we got to the car, they asked me if I smoked pot and I immediately said no. They asked me if I wanted some and I said, “no.” I just knew I wanted no part of marijuana. I walked away and let them do their thing. I didn’t tell them they shouldn’t be doing that or anything, and I didn’t tell anyone, I don’t think. The memory is fuzzy because I haven’t thought about it over the years, and I don’t yet remember where I went after I left them. I just wanted to get away from them, so I did.

      Anyway, a couple of years later I went back into my old line of work (pizza delivery—it was something I was thinking of doing while trying to find a way to fund college), and I ended up actually loving the job. I liked delivering fresh pizza to happy people and the tips were pretty good in the early-to-mid 90s. I grew to have concerns for my safety, but I enjoyed the jobs while wishing all people would just let us do our jobs without trying to rob us and beat us up in the process. It never happened to me, but I didn’t take my pizza bag and walk to the back patios of dark houses with overgrown grass and FOR SALE signs in the front yard, either, and some drivers did. I call it healthy paranoia. Anyway, while working there, I met someone I liked and later learned that he smoked marijuana. He was the first friend I’d known who was doing that. But he was funny and witty and could tell a good story. We got to know each other, and he asked me if I wanted to try some. I said no, again. I knew I should not be using pot, and I believed that he should not be using it, either. I didn’t know why he was using it, but I think I refrained from judging him directly for it. I might have asked some ignorant questions, like, “You’re going to have more of that?” Imagine that… me asking someone a question like that, when I’ve never touched what he’s smoking.

      Well, I got to know him better and he continued smoking. Occasionally he’d ask me if I wanted some and I’d continue to refuse. But I could see that when he was high, he was calmer and happier, but when he wasn’t high, he wasn’t belligerent or anything. He was just different in subtle ways that still left him the same person. Now overall, he actually did some “bad” things, but they were things I would never dream of doing, like breaking into a vacant house and hanging out in it overnight…and being seen by neighbors who call the police and arrest the ones who didn’t get away. He invited me to come along to throw bricks through the windshields of passing cars. I passed on that one, But I was becoming fed up with all that I was learning about this person and began distancing myself from him. I couldn’t figure out why he was willing to be MY friend and not throw a brick through MY windshield or steal from me. He told me he had a mail fraud felony on his record from when he was 13.

      Well, I didn’t want to do anything that would get me in trouble with the law. I don’t even drive over the speed limit like 95% of the people around here. ONE speeding ticket in 25 years of driving, 12 years of which were pizza delivery jobs! And I only got that one ticket because it was my second night delivering in a town and my FIRST time ever in a part of town where there is four-lane divided highway. I was on the inside lane going 55 in a 55 with an 18 wheeler in the outside lane. I was beside his rear wheels and would have to look through the back passenger window to see the end of the truck. We were going around a wide left-curve in the road at night. I never see the Speed Limit 50 sign the cop says is on the road because it was blocked from my view by the 18-wheeler. My FIRST stop for speeding and I got a ticket that cost me $40. I sent $45 and told them to tip the cop. He probably saw my delivery bags in the back of the truck and assumed I had been around for years and was lying about not seeing the sign, but I had not been lying. It was the truth! I saw the sign the next day on another delivery. /sigh

      Anyway, I actually DO respect the law. I don’t WANT to speed and I wish others would stop it, too, because I don’t like feeling like I’m being the jerk who’s in the way, when all I’m trying to do is avoid killing anyone (speed limits are there for a reason), and avoid getting a ticket. I don’t want to murder anyone. I don’t want to steal from anyone. I don’t want to riot. I don’t want others to have less so I can have more. I don’t even want to protest, even though I see how many problems are caused by people not having enough of what it takes to survive in a civilized world: money.

      Of all the years I’ve spent with my friend, the money issue has been the most trying on me. I never liked feeling or being needy. I WANTED to be independent, but in the kind of work I enjoyed doing. I enjoyed pizza delivery while I was doing it, but in the last few years, it was quite boring and trying on my nerves because I had to work so hard at it to make enough money to even pay on debts I had to run up to keep cars repaired. The way I saw it, if the world wants pizza delivered to their homes, then pizza delivery drivers are wanted by people. I was happy to do it, but didn’t think it was all that fair that I should have to do it on so little money. While the average hourly income was $13.50 in 1996 Carrollton, that was ALL that I received from wages, tips and per-delivery store compensation. I spent from that everything that was required to keep my car in operating order. In the end, it turns out that if you drive a used car, especially a Ford/Mercury, you can expect to spend approximately all of your tips and store compensation on repairs, gas and tires with today’s gas prices and repair costs, leaving you making about minimum wage for one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the country.

      I was willing to do it at that price. But that I’ve lived such a poor lifestyle doing that exemplifies what I’m talking about. I actually felt guilty taking tips from customers. I would have been a lot happier just delivering orders without having to depend on tips to survive, but it didn’t work that way. If I had not gotten tips, I would have been spending every penny of my wages and sometimes going into debt just to work.

      This did not lead to my feeling like an appreciated member of society. And so there are people who call delivery drivers losers. But having money you’ve earned is a sign of success, it’s not the pizza delivery that makes someone a loser. It’s the wage they earn. People want pizza delivered, then they want drivers to deliver them. They should be happy that there are people who are willing to do such humble work for what little one actually earns doing the work. I believe THAT shows a sign of character that is much better than want to sit in an air-conditioned office, flirt with your secretary, sit in board meetings and spend other people’s money, much of which you’ve kept for yourself as bonuses while running your company into bankruptcy.

      So, no. I didn’t want to hang around with people who acquired their wealth that way, and I didn’t want to be mistaken for someone who had acquired their wealth by underpaying their employees. And again, as I said earlier, it wasn’t my most important goal. My goal is building life, not building buildings.

      Before I pushed my first pot-smoking friend out of my life, and before I learned to have some dislikes about his ways, my observance of his behavior led me to conclude that marijuana isn’t having the same effect on this person as was described to me. Yes, he would smile in pleasure a lot, but he wasn’t bouncing around the room, talking with slurred speech, or wandering aimlessly in a daze. I don’t know if those were the exact descriptions given to us in a mid-80s high school health class unit on drug abuse, but something about their descriptions had scared me away from marijuana. Could it have been that the idea of lying back on a bed and smiling would cause me to fear marijuana? I can’t recall. I remember a description of an effect of one drug was that it would make the world appear to be like a mosaic of jellybeans. I didn’t want to see the world that way, so I didn’t smoke pot.

      But my friend…. He wasn’t doing anything strange while stoned only on pot. One day I decided we should go to Six Flags, thinking maybe we could go somewhere where there are no drugs and have some real fun. As soon as I parked the car in the parking lot, he pulled out a baggie of weed. I wasn’t happy about it. I said, “I thought you left that home.”

      “No,” he said. “It’ll be fun to go in there high.”

      I was disgusted, but not judgmental about it. I was then intensely curious about what could be so great about marijuana that he can’t even leave it at home for a trip to Six Flags. He asked me if I wanted some. I gave in and agreed, and we shared a joint. I think it was December of 1996.

      While we were in my S-10 smoking (I had the windows tinted with limo tint, even on the side windows because I liked the way it looked, and I didn’t like being looked at by everyone on the road, and since I was delivering pizza, I considered it a safety application. If people can’t see what I’m doing, they can’t know I’m sure to have money on me…. and I would not use car toppers. I wasn’t making faces or hiding guns or anything… I just like having my vehicle like that, even though all my tint has been legal since 1998 since I hate doing it myself now) security drove up and parked in a space facing us, but two spaces down to my left. Both of us were a little spooked, and I know I was a lot more terrified than he was. We had the windows up and were “smogging” the truck. I had the engine running with the air-conditioning on and recirculating the air. I didn’t know what to do… we just sat there a few minutes. My friend said we should just get out and go in. I told him we should vent the smoke first. I had those rain guards on the sides so we could crack the windows a little and slowly vent the smoke when I switched the air-condition over to pull fresh air in from the outside. I didn’t want big billows of smoke puffing out by just opening both doors at once. The smog was thick.

      “We should just get out and go,” my friend said.

      I looked at him and said something like, “Uhhh…. I’ve never stood up while high before. I’ve never walked, either. What if I get out of the truck and go wandering all over the parking lot?”

      I mean, the world wasn’t spinning, but something was different.

      “Just get out and walk,” he said.

      So I did. I got out and felt looser and more limber, then found that my walk was more relaxed, more flexive, and it felt like it was easier to breathe. Security just sat there and did nothing. I guess they must have been on their lunch break, and I was happy not to end up in prison right then and there.

      So far I had not really discovered anything that was wild or crazy about marijuana. After a few hours, he wanted to go back to the truck for another joint. At first I thought it might not be a good idea, but I don’t think I protested. As I understand it, “druggies” don’t like to hang around with people who are critical of their drug use. So that he even wanted to come to Six Flags must have been evidence of my absence of criticism, or maybe the light dose of questions that might be asked of someone who is ignorant, but trying to be nice and get some understanding of why someone chooses to use cannabis.

      After that decision to smoke for the first time, I was invited along to go to different people’s houses and smoke here and there. That was one part that was kind of fascinating because I had always kept a small circle of friends, none of whom ever used marijuana as far as I know. But I quickly decided that I was starting to like marijuana, but I didn’t always like hanging around with so many different people. I had a couple of friends, and I was fine with that, but I was discovering something on my own while using cannabis all by myself. It was a trip inside.

      For me to smoke alone was a win-win situation. I liked the few times I smoked with a couple of friends, but I loved the times I was able to be alone, too. I found that my consumerism mindset had disappeared. I had already decided I didn’t really want to climb the corporate ladder, but the use of cannabis also lessened my thirst for material things. I became more interested in self-improvement through the mind since cannabis seems to spark that very thing and make it fertile.

      At first I decided to be sensible about marijuana. I didn’t want to overdo it. I decided to only use it a couple or three times a week to avoid abusing it. But each time, what I discovered was so interesting and fascinating, and the way my mind processed everything I read was more revealing both of the text and my reaction to it. I found that everything was so interesting, engaging and intriguing that I wanted to have cannabis more often. So then I had it daily, then several times a day.

      Soon after starting this smoking, some questions arose in my mind: “Who am I? Where did I come from?” I knew I was a body, but a few things about the experience of life seemed like distant memories. I stopped running the roads as much, my spending excesses came down, my weight dropped from 215 to 145, the lower of which was the right weight for me, my mood improved, and I felt healthier than I ever had before. And what’s more, with the heightened ability to “sense myself” I began discovering that a fantasy I had built as a kid was stirring in my mind and was actually having a physiological effect on me—meaning I could imagine something about that fantasy, and feel something respond in my body, as if this body was trying to transform into what I was imagining. But it was all so new and I tried to make sense of what I could possibly be that would have come to learn and understand something like that.

      I began digging deeper and deeper, considering everything it could possibly be. During all of this was when I finally read the whole Bible from front to back, and a few portions several times. But I didn’t stop there, not being one to accept that just one collection of books had all I should know. I read English translations of all the texts I could find that seemed interesting and relevant to what I was searching for: eternal life. But to me, it couldn’t be as simple (or stupid) as trusting that some guy nailed to a cross somehow saves from death people who believe in him. I was more of a hands-on kind of guy, and if I was going to live forever, I wanted to figure out how to do it myself, not have someone wave a magic wand over my grateful and needy body. The way I saw it, if there was a God out there supporting us with HIS life force, then the way to live forever is to develop your OWN life force independent of God’s. When I was lying on the bed one night, working hard on deciphering everything that had happened in my then-27 years, a silent voice popped into my head and said, “You’re God.”

      “No, no, no, no, no!” I thought back, shaking my head and pushing the thought away.

      But my body was wild with a bunch of physical signals and mental imagery that put together a complete message I really don’t want to describe here because it’s funny and embarrassing, but I will. I had experimented trimming my pubic hair and the message was that God was going to tell my mother what I had done, and when being told that, that whole area was “zapped” with electrical impulses that made it feel like I was having electrolysis done in all of the hair folicles at the same time, all while I kept seeing flashes of a construction paper representation of Jesus leaning out the window of a construction paper bus filled with construction paper children, along with images of my parents and the rest of my family sitting on a couch and listening to stories about what I had done to myself.

      Well, that was funny and horrifying at the same time and played with my senses. Over the next few weeks, I developed a “messiah complex”, but not the usual kind. Most of the stories I hear from people who have had a messiah complex was that they strutted around the mental hospital angry that their sacrifice was not appreciated, and vowing vengeance against an ungrateful people. I was more interested in keeping it a secret so I could figure out how to proceed. That I ended up in a mental hospital was unfortunate, but a week of intense delusions culminated in my flooding of my apartment with water. I thought that somehow this reality was superimposed over a parallel reality of a Hell that was on fire, and by flooding my apartment, I would put out that fire. Of course, that’s silly now. But my mind had never been in such a place before and I actually believed that what I was involved in was real. I even felt my feet burning in the soaked carpet as I walked on it. I recovered so quickly from the “strange behavior” that I was tested to see if I was faking it. But I still had enough intelligence to know that if my mind was going to correct itself, it didn’t need medication, but time. Medication would only hinder the stabilization process by inhibiting normal brain function. It’s NORMAL for the brain to try to heal itself and conform to the wishes of the person. But when the person is not aware of how the brain and body are being affected, their lack of understanding can lead to disastrous behavior, simply because they lack the knowledge to keep the storyboard of their experience sensible.

      The doctors I was put before told me I had: mild schizophrenia, psychosis, emotional displacement, post-traumatic stress disorder, narcissism, and a touch of autism. One said that each time I use cannabis, it would become worse. Well, I found that not to be true. I tried some cannabis again in 2007 and while I did have a mild relapse, it was nothing like the first one and I was not hospitalized. I was checked out in 2007 by a psychiatrist who listened to what I had to say about how life, itself, relates to the expansion of the universe and immortality (which was not nearly as refined then as it is now), and he said that I seemed normal; he just added that it’s not illegal to have strange thoughts. I immediately thought that he just figured they were strange because he couldn’t see how they could be true, and I also get a sense that many of these doctors believe that THEY are the stable, intelligent ones, and that if “schizophrenics” were more intelligent, they would not be prone to fall for delusions. But what one falls for depends on what they were taught as kids. So many delusions are based on religion, and I was raised in a Pentecostal family, even though I didn’t actually like the Pentecostal experience. I felt like an atheist, but was told to be Pentecostal. Intellectually, I knew that there was no Hell of fire and brimstone, but somehow my brain had coded into itself a belief in it that I was not aware of, and that became the basis for how I have felt in the past like I was “sinking into Hell”. In one of my first delusions in 1997, I believed Jesus had arrived and was about to rapture the world. I became very happy and excited, until a few seconds later when I had been judged unworthy and was going to Hell forever, right then and there, to literally burn. Can you think of a worse horror? Obviously that didn’t happen, but the experience scared me to death. And yet each time that has happened, it’s been less and less powerful. It’s like healing a scar, really. I still know there’s no fire and brimstone Hell, but occasionally I still get hiccups of it that don’t result in any strange behavior. It’s all internalized and I just push it off like it’s impossible, and it vanishes.

      Cannabis STABILIZED me; it did not further destabilize me. In my way of seeing all of this, marijuana is something grown out of nature and from a time when nobody thought to criminalize it. Our existence through evolution WITH cannabis is a lot longer than our existence without it. Cannabis was so widely used that it became nutritious, for there are receptors that accept THC and use it. My theory is that cannabis does NOT cause mental instability. Mental instability is caused by living without cannabis for a long time, then consuming it again. And by long time, I also mean from conception to whatever age you tried it first, if you ever did. And, of course, how your brain is wired is also an issue, but the beauty of all this is that the effect of cannabis on the mind loosens up the thought processes so they’re not so hard-coded and unchanging. Yes, the brain does change through a person’s life, but marijuana makes it more flexible in the process, making it less likely that a stroke would cause debilatating damage.

      I know that marijuana increases the blood pressure in my brain. I can feel it happening. But I’ve built so much experience sensing where blood is going and where things are happening inside my brain when I think that I’ve now learned how to sense how multiple areas are reacting, and using, basically, my emotions as a tool, I can affect areas of my brain in ways that make it feel like two or more regions are pulling on each other, or dancing around each other in ways that make my brain pulsate and I can hear and feel not only electrical zaps crackling throughout it in rhythmic patterns, but “lines of travel” of electrical impulses powerful enough for me to physically feel them tingling along that path in my brain, all in response to what I think about, and how I think about it.

      This is something I don’t see others talking about. Many just say it helps with some condition or another, but the thing is, you must be aware that marijuna can do these things for you. I think it’s something everyone would eventually figure out if they spent enough time using it, with the intent of figuring out how to avoid death.

      So as I have been “flexing my brain” and becoming better at it, I’ve been thinking of how it might actually be beneficial to have small strokes, if you’re actually aware of what you’re doing, and are prepared for any consequences that might arise. I know all the problems people have with strokes, but the thing is that people are often SURPRISED by the stroke. They just fall on the floor and know they’re hurt, maybe confused, not sure what to do. I didn’t want that, so I’m always thinking about the possibility of having a stroke, and I’m using this “brain flexing” thing to try to generate strokes. I’ve already had some, probably several. Sudden stabbing pains in my head. One time it felt like a block appeared in my head and started spinning. The shape of the pain in my head was like a cube and when it first started “spinning”, the crackles were loud and numerous, but after a few spins, the crackles faded away… it was literally like my brain was being rewired and I could actually feel my perception changing as this was happening. I do this because nobody in their 80s has ever said that their brain makes electrical noises so strong that he can feel them and experience in real-time how his perception is changing. And in the moments when I feel like I may be about to kill myself, that’s when amazing things happen, such as:

      Whether you believe in God or eternal life or not is irrelevant here. Just suppose there IS a way to live forever…that maybe we came from a time before physical matter existed, and that the whole point of all of this is to acquire a physical universe we could live in forever and never die. We would not have direct memories of all of this because our brains and survival take precedence. But if those “eternal bodies” are out there, from a time before matter existed, they would be in a form that could communicate with our physical bodies in some way and change our bodies into forms we will love and want to keep forever. To live life as if you’re waiting for Jesus makes you put your eternal life into the hands of someone who you might be confused about. Maybe Jesus did his thing 2000 years ago and isn’t coming back, but is instead expecting each person to find out how to avoid death through recognition of an eternal energy pattern you already have attached to you, if you would cognize and recognize its signals.

      So, strange thoughts out of nowhere, people who are normally calm suddenly doing crazy things? Researchers would want us to understand that these are brain chemicals causing all this. But is that all that really drives us is brain chemicals? That would make us as automatic as mice. But we have the ability to think, reason and judge, which gives us the ability to resist a chemical that tells us to attack another person. And is it the brain chemical that is the root cause, or something from the universe, itself: call it the aether, the fabric of space, some kind of event that would fall under the quantum mechanics/physics umbrella. Researchers just think it’s all happening in the brain, but the subatomic interplay and quantum mechanics are real, and so are its mysteries. Boiling it down to brain squirts is insufficient.

      Now concerning this fantasy I related in earlier paragraphs. When I was a kid, I was like any other kid. I wanted bigger muscles, better looks, and a big penis to play with. During my explorations of cannabis, I have felt my body TRYING its best to give me those things, not through exercise, but through MIND WORK ALONE! In 2007 or so, I woke up in the middle of the night and actually felt a whole different body’s shape vibrating over my own shape, and it tugged on my tissues and body parts like it was trying to change my body! This was a very powerful feeling that has repeated itself and expressed itself in countless forms over the last few years and with increasing frequency. Each week that goes by I am amazed more and more at how quickly this develops, even as it has taken 41 years of life to get this far. So overall, it actually FEELS like my own body is becoming (in a powerful and unmistakable way) exactly what I have been building a fantasy about over all of my 41 years of life. The visible changes are too subtle for even my closest friend to see, but I see some signs of this happening. But what I do know is that this is something that was erratic, unpredictable, and impossible to control in 1997. But the strength and the organization of the energy interplay going on is coming together so brilliantly and with such exsquisite organization that I can only say that it’s ultimately more powerful than these physical bodies, but the key is trying to stay alive to be in THIS body by the time it all comes together: when the universe expands to full infinity, cosmic compression of the fabric of space is relieved, and all of our bodies can finally breathe the way they were meant to, and heal, and live forever.

      Marijuana, with its nutritious effect on the central nervous system, opens your body to communicate feelings from all your extremeties. What used to be random pains you cannot explain become pains that have a mental context. You experience the pain at times when mental context can give you a clue as to what the pain is about, and then you notice that the way the hurt feels begins to change, develop and turn into something else completely. It’s a literal HEALING effect of the eternal energy body on our temporal physical bodies. I have had pain flittered away like it was becoming butterflies, and the pain is replaced by PLEASURE. How can that not be a healing effect? Cannabis puts you into a greater connection with that process so you can learn how to guide and develop it into what you want it to be, which is going to be what you have most ever wanted to be–what you could be now if anything was possible, without limits. That spark of your greatest fantasy life you could ever live is the catalyst for the healing of all the conditions that ail you today.

      Since living forever (in a fun and sporty body) is what I am after in life, that’s what I have always considered most important to me, while I balance that out with my obligations to others. I look back on myself as a seven-year-old and the brand of fascination I had with certain things had me hooked from the start. It was there when I was a kid, and as an adult, cannabis revealed what it had become during all that time. As I think about it now, at the height of my “psychosis”, some of the intense “schizophrenic/delusional anger” I felt directed toward me from out of the aether could have been the angered frustration of that eternal energy which may have been trying to get me to use cannabis a lot sooner than I did. I think 26 is a pretty late age to have tried pot for the first time. I get the impression that most users of pot today started at a much younger age than I did, but maybe that’s because most of the people I know who I’ve known to be pot smokers say they started in junior high, or even elementary school in one case. Anyway, that’s how out of touch my biological body was with my eternal body….something I wanted, I didn’t know I had, and couldn’t hear or sense until after I started using cannabis. I’m completely ecstatic, even though I haven’t changed in significant ways yet. The point is that I’m getting better at all this and holding myself together when the changes are very intense. But one thing that relates to me is how this fits with the story in the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge. God forbade the tree in the center of the garden, but Satan told them it would open their eyes and they would know good and evil and live forever. In my experience, that’s exactly what cannabis has been like. It really does open your eyes to good and evil, and it does teach you how to live forever. It’s just not something anyone has actually fully accomplished yet, but that’s what I see as the best use of cannabis…fertilizing the search for immortality…even being the thing that makes it possible at all. I mean I hate to say that anyone NEEDS cannabis because it’s a world taught to believe that pot is bad and anybody who says he needs it is a stupid doper.

      But that is just a paradigm. Maybe they were well-meaning in their attempts to wipe out drug use, especially of marijuana, but the fact I see is that marijuana is GOOD. I’m just mad because I’m suspecting that the reason marijuana isn’t more effective than it is now is because there’s not enough of it. I have never been able to consume a BUNCH of it because I’ve never had enough of it at once to do that, and it’s too expensive for that. I suspect I might still be in starvation mode. More cannabis would be a good thing if it sparkles immortality, but I’ve found that it actually is quite powerful. I ate a little in some food once and was fine. But then once I put some extra in some food without smoking any and it made me throw up. But I don’t say that this makes cannabis bad. I say that I threw up because my body is weak because of the lack of sufficient cannabis. When I consumed more cannabis, it felt like my intestines were being rearranged and it made me throw up. But the thing is, in my “fantasy”, I WANT my intestines to be rearranged! I don’t even want intestines. (Why have them if you don’t need food to live forever?) I was going to imagine all those away and have them replaced with something better. I figured…”Well, why not just eat some cannabis and maybe the direct contact of THC with the intestines will encourage them to change more quickly.” And that’s pretty much what happened when I ate a little. When I ate a lot, it was more powerful so I puked. So obviously I’m on to something, but I’d have to have more cannabis than I’m willing to hold in an environment of prohibition. I already know I’m right. I guess I’ll just have to wait for it to become legal for people to make themselves immortal since that requires cannabis. It makes me wonder, too, if the size of the universe itself is being driven outward by collective human imagination. The universe, then, becomes larger in relation to our ability to imagine its possibilities. So by legalizing cannabis, our imaginations would expand, and so would the universe. And when science might sit and say that this is impossible, they are contributing to the problem by limiting the size of the universe with their own limits on imagination.

      As I look back, I could see the Garden of Eden being like a dream. There, the consumption of cannabis would have caused the “Fall”. But after the fall, the consumption of cannabis would bring enlightenment, while abstaining from it would turn the brain to concrete, solidified in its ways and resistant to or unwilling to change.

      So it might sound crazy, but to me, it’s not. While I still bleed if I cut myself, I’m confident enough in the changes I’m experiencing, and the effects inside my brain and increasingly in my spinal column, and even in my bones, joints and muscles, that if I ever somehow get in trouble for having cannabis, at least I have a huge piece of evidence walking around with me that cannabis is NOT poison. They’d just have to hook my head up to their measuring equipment because with the noises my brain makes, it’s surely going to knock their meters around. Even nicer is that I’ve gotten to where I can finally do some of this without cannabis, but my brain feels harder and it takes more effort to do it. But in a way, that’s not a bad thing.

      I just hope they legalize it soon. The fact that it’s illegal is the ONLY thing that causes stress in my life because I’m putting all I have into trying to get this body to change.


      • I just realized I didn’t distinguish something. I talk about two different people as “friends” in that story, but I didn’t want to use anyone’s real name. One friend is someone I’ve lived with for 22 years off and on. The other friend was a co-worker who I hung around with for a few months. He sold me on pot, but I felt that continuing to be around him would get me in trouble, so I pushed him out of my life, but found that marijuana was good and it did not turn me into a mean or hateful criminal. In fact, it’s actually uncovered a love in me that I didn’t even know I had. And what hurts me most in my life right now is that I don’t even know if I could have gotten here without cannabis. The fact is: I’ve used it, and I cannot unuse it. And where I’m at now, I’m grateful for this plant. And I long for the day when those who have never tried it stop pointing their guns at me.


  1. There needs be more research on this! the medicinal qualities are immense, but I’ve heard so many different things – rick simpson’s oil, shona banda’s vaporization method, and now just eating it raw. I have been suffering from severe digestive problems lately and I’m curious as to which method is best for me!


    • For what it’s worth, I also had (past tense) intense digestive problems, I had wasting syndrome and could barely choke down one small meal a day. Living in California, I had friends who happened to gift me with some “edibles”. This meant food with cannabis butter mixed in. After 2 days, the cramps in my digestive track and the inability to eat were gone – for good. I am sorry the research is so difficult to navigate. It was intended that way by making it all illegal – the pharmaceutical lobbyists in DC will not allow our law makers to allow us to treat ourselves naturally.
      Hope this helps.
      I don’t personally know anyone who has eaten raw cannabis. Except everyone’s animals seem to love it – cats, dogs, rabbits. That is always a good sign!
      Good luck to you.


      • I don’t know how anybody in government can look at this situation and not see how horrible it is and do something to stop it. Cannabis nourishes the central nervous system. The lack of it clouds communication throughout the body.


  2. See the film, “Leaf” at to understand about the healing power of raw Cannabis, how to increase your therapeutic dose by 60 times and why the best medicine is the one that keeps you from getting sick in the first place….

    blessed rushes to all,


    P.S. You can also check out my medical marijuana films, and more, on You Tube

    Heroes For Hemp: Part One


  3. Is it okay to eat the WHOLE vegetable (leaf, stem, bud) by making a smoothie in the vitamix? It grinds everything up to fine particles….


  4. For anyone interested in obtaining CBD for medicinal purposes it will soon be available legally! Dixie Scrips will soon be offering their FDA approved THC-free CBD capsules in two varieties, one for daytime focus/mental energy and the other a night time sleep aid. CBD has been shown to be useful in the treatment of bipolar and schizophrenic conditions, as well as showing great potential in the treatment of breast cancers and certain fibrotic diseases.

    CBD can be as effective as many synthetic pharmaceuticals since it operates by binding to the same natural CB2 receptors involved in the cellular biosynthetic pathways that control (among other things) cell signalling, proliferation, and apoptosis. CBD can also be used to treat and prevent THC induced paranoia/psychosis. Unlike the newer pharmaceutical drugs, for which various patents have recently been filed, CBD is a cheap and abundant all-natural product with no serious known side effects or safety concerns (other than possible relaxation and drowsiness).

    Obviously, the FDA has finally seen the light in allowing the sale of products containing CBD. Hopefully, the trend will continue. The medicinal and therapeutic effects of the cannabinoids is currently a very hot and exciting field of research.


  5. just left doc courtneys office this past weekend while up north in california..i have to say the doctor is a gentlemen and extremely up to date and in the loop with the healing factors regarding cannabis ….anyone who has a sickness or injury should take a ride up and meet the courtneys ,they are an incredible family of healers.thanks again doc


  6. hi, I am currently living in Croatia and have to leave at the end of the month, i am from america, I would like to move to a nearby country and purchase some land where I can grow cannabis in large quantities for the purpose of creating some kind of concentrated tincture that can be used medicinally as is discussed in the video, I think this would be a great business and would give me a lot of peace in life. I don’t know how to go about doing this and going through the proper channels to make it happen without getting into trouble, nearby countries i am thinking about are serbia and macedonia and maybe bosnia or even here in croatia but which i think may be less possible, if anyone has any suggestions or feedback on how I might be able to start something like this I would be immensely grateful. thank you.


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