But Remember: Marijuana Is Not Medicine

Drug Enforcement Administration special agents

Source: REASON Magazine
 | May 25, 2011

The East Bay Express reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration has licensed 55 companies to grow cannabis for use in producing generic versions of the THC capsule Marinol, whose patent protection recently expired, or pharmaceutical products containing cannabidiol, another marijuana component that shows medical promise. Yes, this is the same DEA that raids medical marijuana dispensaries and refuses to allow an independent source of marijuana for research to compete with the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Although many patients prefer marijuana for various reasons (including easier administration, faster onset, better dose control, and less disturbing psychoactive effects), the existence of Marinol, originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1985 as a treatment for the nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy, has always belied drug warriors’ claims that cannabis has no therapeutic value. But if the DEA is prepared to allow production of marijuana-derived THC as well as the synthetic form, and if the FDA ultimately allows the cannabis extract Sativex to be marketed in the U.S., the distinction between government-approved medicine and government-condemned contraband will become even thinner.

In 2008 I noted that the U.S. government holds a patent for the medical use of cannabinoids.


2 thoughts on “But Remember: Marijuana Is Not Medicine

  1. The US Gov holds a patent for medical use of cannabinoids.Now gimme’ a friggin’ heads up here.The US Gov has the money paper for it’s medical use,thus to all profits an’ proceeds derived from it’s sale.So why do they continue to keep it off the market.They gotta’ doubler performance maker to pull this country out of the fruggen hole.They get proceeds from all the different combos an’ bombos of THC + whatever they pull in on taxes per year,which I’m sure no one will deny being in the multiple billions of $$$ each an’ every fugen year!WWWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!Please help me someone to understand just WTF iz yur reason for not letting us have our buzzz,our sick an’ dying’,have a little relief from their day to day ordeal an’ have people around the world follow us as they do in everything else,an’ open shit up here! Totallty legalize,control an’ regulate it an’ all tax money derived from any single use.I wish the fk someone would gimme’ an open ended offer like that.Shit!


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