Ethan Nadlemann on Latin American vs US drug policies (Democracy Now)

The US policy can NOT be defended.. on economic grounds, on security grounds, on scientific grounds or on ethical grounds.

Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance appears on Democracy Now and talks about the growing number of Latin American leaders are calling for the decriminalization or legalization of drugs.


2 thoughts on “Ethan Nadlemann on Latin American vs US drug policies (Democracy Now)

  1. Hey I can win the drug war if you aall follow my and join my event!/groups/legalizealldrugsplants/events/ and pleace join my group all you need to do is to send one letter to justisssekretæren.european court of human rights.europarådet.67075.strasbourg-cedex.frankrike.the 1.7.2012.and write you wanted to sue all the government in the world apart from they in portugal fore brake at the human rights because it is one brake at the human rigts to forbid human to use medicine plants as one time was given by God se first mosebook 1-29 se I give you all the plants osv


  2. The CIA top dogs are members of wall street bankers. And wall street needs the drug war money laundring banks of wall street to keep the world banks from going under. Wall street has 600 trillion dollars of taxic dept world wide.


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