Reefer Madness in 2012

I wonder why the government actively ignore scientific facts on cannabis? They use the very few negative anecdotal experiences to further their propaganda, dismissing every positive anecdotal experience from medicinal cannabis users. Why? The scare tactic now is ‘psychosis’, the older one from the 1920′s – 1930′s was that it makes ‘white women want to sleep with black men’. I wonder what the new scare tactic will be in 50 years lol.

~ a (very astute) comment from one of our readers

With a follow up:

Im from the UK, and smoking a joint could result in jail time even if you suffer from MS. They don’t care, people who suffer have to purchase from the black market, dealers corrupt their cannabis flowers with glass particles, rat poison even heroine. So people are forced to grow their own on a small scale, then inevitably the feds bust in. Reefer madness lies are still about, but the people who tell those lies are not referring to scientific study, but exaggerated anecdotal testimony. The only way we can fight back is with facts and science, but even that gets dismissed because they keep saying ‘No medicinal value in cannabis’.

Yet in the South of England, the government allowed a pharmaceutical company called GW pharma, to grow tons and tons of high grade cannabis for, you guessed it, medicine. Its 27% THC pure extracted cannabis oil and they called it ‘Sativex’. Its basically cannabis in a bottle. Yet if my friend was to grow cannabis to self medicate, he gets thrown in jail.


2 thoughts on “Reefer Madness in 2012

  1. I tried all the pharmaceuticals with disastrous results. I’m tired of supporting doctors and drug companies whose treatments only benefit them. Cannabis is not yet legal in my state but I am left with no alternative. It’s time to stop all the BS and admit that this is a legitimate treatment for many diseases.


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