America’s #1 request of Obama: legalize marijuana


4 thoughts on “America’s #1 request of Obama: legalize marijuana

  1. Mr Obama will choose to continue to ignore the will of the American people and further prosecute the war on people who use cannabis .


  2. Please Mr. President, we are pretty positive that you know better. This is a great natural medicine and it is a top-notch substance to imbibe for recreation. The interaction with the plant as far as growing it is very therapeutic for someone with mental illness. It quiets the mind and focuses the train of thought. The medical registrations alone made 10 million dollars for my state last year. But more than that, if someone is able to brew beer or make wine, why can’t they grow their own marijuana for themselves and their friends? And why can’t they sell it to those who find it is too difficult or time-consuming to do it themselves. Full legalization would stop drug cartels, open up an industry that is chomping at the bits to be an incredible engine for our country’s economy, and stop the pain and suffering not only for patients who will benefit from this heavenly plant but also for the millions of bright minds moldering in jail or stained by an unnecessary mark on their records to hinder them in their pursuit of happiness guaranteed in our Constitution.


    • I agree absolutely with your comment Daphne, this is the only way to save us and our planet from further destruction.
      Repeal the law controlling Cannabis, it’s a medicine – not a crime.


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