CNN: Tommy Chong talks about curing cancer with Hemp oil


One thought on “CNN: Tommy Chong talks about curing cancer with Hemp oil

  1. I completely agree. I smoked pot for 30 some years, I only stopped smoking pot 6 years ago that I feel the cancer cells took over my body due to no THC . None of the antiemetic’s the doctors prescribed for me gave me relief as completely as pot does. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer w/ 5 infected and removed lymph nodes July 2011, No one in my family that I know of has ever had colon cancer, yet there have been other types of cancer in our family (indicating to me we have a mutated or damaged gene in our family, I am not even 50 years old yet and because they don’t start screening for that until age 50, had they not found my tumor by complete error, I would not be here today. I truly feel that somehow the cancer cells I had in my body became out of hand when I STOPPED smoking pot. I am now medically certified to get THC medications in this state. I believe there is medical evidence that shows not only the shrinkage of tumors in lab mice when given hemp oil, but many survived the cancer completely that was injected into their bodies. I am FOR medical marijuana but only for the very ill. I do not believe that medical marijuana belongs in everyone’s hands especially children. I remember having had some trouble during high school trying to think, remember, recall things. So I feel there would be problems legalizing pot for everyone without major illness.


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