SSRI’s vs Cannabis

From a recent comment at our article: Marijuana for depression & bipolar disorder

“I developed alcoholism and bi polar mania with psychosis from prescribed SSRI’s. Immediately after stopping the use of SSRI’s my alcoholism and psychotic mania symptoms dissipated.
It has taken me more than a year to recover from the physical withdrawal effects of those medications, and I’ll spend the rest of my life paying for the legal problems it created in my life.

My dr tried to convince me to stay on that line of medication, and treat the side effects with mood stabilizers, anti psychotics and 2 other medications. Since I didn’t really appreciate the blackouts and waking up in jail, I decided to walk away from it. From what I’ve experienced I think marijuana is probably far less dangerous in comparison to modern psychiatric medications.

I haven’t began using it yet but I’m looking into it, guarantee you should I go into a state of mania while smoking pot I won’t be able to muster the will power to leave my house, and that would just about make it impossible for me to wake up in jail. I had never even received a speeding ticket before SSRI’s, the craziest thing about it is that even though I was completely out of control on that medication, I couldn’t see anything wrong with my behavior, it was during a moment of clarity last January, that I checked myself into a rehab facility and quit SSRI’s in a safe place. SSRI’s destroyed everything, my health, my career, my relationships, and financial stability, it’s all gone. Really don’t think cannabis can be that destructive.”


5 thoughts on “SSRI’s vs Cannabis

  1. Your story is very similar to mine SSRIS destroyed my life too with alcohol cravings and I ended up loseing my job, home and even went to prison. I too was the same as you I had never been in trouble in my life before SSRIS, since coming off them I no longer drink and I am mentally stable again. I told my story on David Healys website its | Out of my mind. Driven to drink if you read this you can see its very similar to your story, we are not alone their are lots of people out there who have suffered the same from taking SSRIS.


  2. I have been smoking cannabis for years. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorder brought on by PTS. I don’t have a prescription for it, but I don’t usually smoke outside of my land so it’s no big deal. I am looking it to it however.
    I was put on SSRI’s for an attack and my MD (DO) is taking me off of them. He’s well aware of my smoking and eating cannabis, and thinks if it works for me why not. But, he does warn me of all the side effects and symptoms to watch for… ie increased heart rate, sweaty palms, loss of concentration… It’s great to have an open conversation with MD’s that will tell you the positive things as well as what to be careful of.


  3. I want to get off the antidepressants for a LONG time its so scary to come off of them! I freaked out, granted i tapered way too fast. I smoke on a nightly basis it helps with the fucked dreams. I want to get off Pristiq but I am scared. I take Xanax daily and that is ok. I suffer from PTSD/GAD and Panic disorder. I am honest with my Dr
    and he recommends me using cannabis; Anyone know how to get off Prstiq?
    Im going to talk to my Dr. and see. The scary thing is that Ive been getting these electric shocks to my brain. . I have tried too many antidepressants i feel like a Guinea pig Xanax works I have been taking the same dose for 2 years. I eventually will go down to taking it as needed BUT while getting off Pristiq I am going to keep using it. Cannabis is the best this that I knew I should have stuck with! I feel dumb and scared. Getting off antidepressants are the scariest feelings ever.


  4. the same here, lost my job because of prescription pills SSRI, etc…
    and they did not help with my manias and compulsions
    now cannabis is perfect, no more depression, no more epilepsy, and lots of body pleasure.


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