Rick Simpson Interview: Cannabis oil as a cure for cancer

While we’re on the subject, the news came out today that a link has been found between young men, cannabis use and testicular cancer.

Some insight into how the framing of this (very small, government-funded and quite unscientific study) is being twisted and used as propaganda very close to election time, when 3 states are to vote on legalization – the mainstream media articles leave out some important points:

“The findings are biologically plausible but there is no proven mechanism to link marijuana to testicular cancer”

“While a 2X increase in testicular cancer risk appears moderately strong, in absolute terms, the increase is small (0.012%).”

Here is a review of the study sans propaganda:
Marijuana may increase marijuana cancer risk study

See also Marijuana cures cancer – government has known since 1974


6 thoughts on “Rick Simpson Interview: Cannabis oil as a cure for cancer

  1. Very interesting–at this present time I am suffering from bladder cancer and was wanting to know where I could purchase this oil and is it legal to possess this oil in Nebraska


    • You can purchase the oil in Colorado. You would want the THC and CBD ration to be as close to 1:1 as possible. Maybe you can stay with friends there for a few months and take the treatment… People are doing this type of thing now to cure their diseases and loved ones.


  2. I do not have cancer, but have auto-immune disease. I have pain 24/7. If this will work for cancer I would think it would fit Anklosing Spondilitis and Psoriatic Arthritis. I would love to try it to see. Can you tell me if I can get it and if so, where. I would love to get my life back.


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