Dr Lester Grinspoon: I too was brainwashed about marijuana

“I’ve been smoking marijuana for 44 years now, and … I think it’s a tremendous blessing! In fact, I first began to look at marijuana as a professor of psychiatry at Harvard medical school in 1967… I wanted to do something about all these young people who were using this terribly dangerous drug and perhaps if I could write a reasonably objective statement about this and get it published, in a vehicle which they would be interested in, maybe I could do something about it. Much to my astonishment, here I was trained in science and medicine and had to discover that I had been brainwashed like just about every other American.

I first approached it [marijuana] from the point of view… I was sure it was unsafe. Once I was convinced that it was safe, and satisfied my curiosity about it, it took me a number of years to realize what a remarkable substance it was.

I have also concluded that there’s a third reason [for humans to use marijuana] –  there’s recreation, there’s medicine, and there’s what I call ‘enhancement.’

It astonishes me that we can’t get around this prohibition. It’s like something is sacred about it. You can’t question it. You can’t bring any factual data to it…”

“Aspirin is ‘safe’, although it claims between 1,000-2,000 people per year. With cannabis, it’s been around for thousands of years. There has never been a death – never been a death. Is there any other substance in the pharmacoepia about which you can make that claim? I’m not sure there is.” ~ Dr. Grinspoon


3 thoughts on “Dr Lester Grinspoon: I too was brainwashed about marijuana

  1. I had hoskins cancer 35 years ago. Marujuana help me threw Kemo and Radtion treatments.helped me gain much needed weight,and threw the horribale sickness of the teatments.


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