Willie Nelson – I Haven’t Seen Any Side Effects Of Pot


3 thoughts on “Willie Nelson – I Haven’t Seen Any Side Effects Of Pot

  1. Will you please answer this for me ? Is medical cannabis and merinol the same. My doctor has perscribed me marinol 5mg, I have learned that merinol is synthentic THC, I need to know if the two are the same ! In 2005 I had my breast removed then June 2012 I learned I have lung cancer I’m hoping to heal myself with medical cannabis. Thank you !


    • Marinol is horrible. This is my personal opinion. You can’t control how high you get, and on 5mg, I couldn’t even leave the house – eyes all glassy, you feel very paranoid – and you won’t come down for a long time.

      Plus it has already killed 4 people at last count (see Wikipedia – THC – toxicity section for more details).

      THC in its natural form has never killed anyone in over 5,000 years.

      Please do look into Rick Simpson oil (lots on the Internet). This is a good website for more: http://www.cureyourowncancer.org/

      Also consider using raw cannabis juice.
      There is information on juicing raw cannabis in a YouTube video called “Leaf”.


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