Baby Recovered From Brain Tumor With Daily Dose of Marijuana (VIDEO)

Doctors call child a “miracle baby”

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From Cafe Mom

Anyone who has ever known and loved someone using chemotherapy knows just what a toxic cocktail those drugs truly are. So when faced with the idea that an 8-month-old baby could go through those horrific  side effects or try something else, namely marijuana, to treat a brain tumor, my money is on the “something else” every time.

This is exactly the question parents of an 8-month-old baby were faced with recently when they opted to treat their baby with cannabinoid oil (a form of marijuana) on the baby’s pacifier twice a day. Within two months the tumor had shrunk so dramatically that the baby’s doctor’s did not have to use chemo. Amazing, no?

As a mom, I understand it might be a little more controversial, but I also watched my own mother have painful mouth sores, debilitating nausea, hair loss, and complete misery because of chemo. And in the end, she died anyway.  Anything that could avoid that sounds good to me.

The fact is, traditional treatment is incredibly hard on the body. Make no mistake about it. Marijuana and its derivatives have a bad reputation for obvious reasons, [editor’s note: this comment got a lot of responses at the original post – seems the author was the only one who thought this ‘obvious’] but they are actually much healthier than many traditional cancer treatment methods.

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 6.16.57 PMPersonally, I only knew about its application in the treatment of nausea from chemo, but if it can also help treat the disease itself or even shrink the tumors, who WOUDLN’T try it? What can it hurt?

A child whose choices are already so limited ought to have parents who are open-minded enough to seek the most natural treatment possible. It is surprising and different, sure, but why not try it?

As parents, we owe it to our kids to do everything we can for them. It may feel counterintuitive to use “illegal” drugs to help them, but in many cases, marijuana can be a miracle. Who is to say what you would do if it was your child with a brain tumor?

The long term effects of marijuana on a baby are probably unknown, but the long term effects of chemotherapy may be just as harmful, if not even worse. At least cannabis can be grown safely and organically and given in as natural a state as possible.

Ordinarily I would frown on parents giving any kind of substance to a baby, but a baby with a brain tumor is another kind of story. In this case, the cannabis helped. Maybe this is the beginning of less invasive treatment methods with fewer side effects. Wouldn’t that be a miracle for ALL children?

Would you give your baby cannabinoid oil?

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 7.19.57 PM

About Cannabis essential oil, otherwise known as Hemp oil or Cannabinoid oil

One thought on “Baby Recovered From Brain Tumor With Daily Dose of Marijuana (VIDEO)

  1. “What it can hurt” should be patently obvious: Relying on cannabis to the exclusion of cancer-fighting pharmaceuticals could cost someone’s life. The assumption here is that it’s an either-or choice, and rarely does cancer leave patients with such easy options. No one should attempt to make cannabis oil the snake oil of the 21st Century … which is exactly what’s happening now.

    Cannabis has many amazing properties, and its role in fighting cancer cells should be pursued with full scientific rigor (if only our U.S. government would get out of the way). In the meantime, anecdotal evidence about the use of cannabis falls well short of the “miracle cure” that many proclaim. Every patient is different, and there are many, many possible treatment regimens depending on the type of cancer that presents in each individual.

    Using cannabis as a complementary treatment can help treat cancer symptoms, including those of chemotherapy, and perhaps work in concert with other cancer-fighting pharmaceuticals. Doctors may not be crazy about that approach, but most would gladly live with it rather than have their patients rely on cannabis only.


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