Court rejects bid to have marijuana reclassified

By David Ingram
WASHINGTON, Jan 22 (Reuters)

Supporters of medical marijuana may have some evidence to back up their claims of its health benefits, but not enough to overrule the U.S. government’s judgment that the drug should be tightly controlled, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

The ruling means the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration can keep marijuana on its list of the most dangerous, tightly controlled drugs, alongside heroin.

Medical marijuana supporters sued over the DEA’s classification in 2011, and they hoped the suit would build on victories at the ballot box in states such as Colorado and Washington.

But the challengers, including a disabled veteran from Virginia, failed to show convincingly that marijuana has an effective, accepted and safe medical use, said the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C.

Without further scientific evidence, the court must defer to the DEA, wrote Judge Harry Edwards for a 2-1 majority. The third judge also sided with the DEA but for a different reason, finding that none of the challengers had a right to sue.

Since 1970, the U.S. government has classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug, a category it reserves for drugs with no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

The case is Americans for Safe Access, et al, v. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, No. 11-1265.


4 thoughts on “Court rejects bid to have marijuana reclassified

  1. Of course they’re frauds. Just the comment “Without further scientific evidence” is laughable. No one gets permission to study cannabis without DEA approval. And guess what? They won’t approve of any studies, so there wil be NO “further scientific evidence”.


  2. Who was supporting our cause in court today? If our politicians with prostate cancer knew that they can reduce their PSAs and most times cure their cancer by ingesting an oil distilled from the plant, they may have voted differently. They can continue to chose radiation, chemo. and of course life changing surgery instead for themselves, but leave the rest of us alone to choose the natural alternative. Why are we Americans allowing our government to do this to us? We are left to conduct our own studies and this is The Unites States in 2013?


  3. It would be so great if the officials who make these decisions had to defend them in front of common sense people who could ask them questions of logic and tell them the real life stories of their lives and get their responses to those questions. The history of anti marijuana laws in this country are a tribute to the power of fear and its ability to triumph over common sense, observation, and new information.


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