Clint Werner : Marijuana Gateway to Health

From YouTube: In this episode, Cannabis Times Radio Interviews Clint Werner, author of Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease (podcast 2.15.2012). In his new book, Marijuana Gateway To Health, Clint explores the history of cannabis in the medical community, he illustrates the endocannabinoid system, and he delves deep into the forgotten world of cannabis clinical trials.

Also be sure to catch this fascinating look at the entire history, the politics and the science of medical marijuana at C SPAN: Book discussion on “Marijuana: Gateway to Health” with Clint Werner


One thought on “Clint Werner : Marijuana Gateway to Health

  1. Dear mr. Werner (If I may)

    I am reporting you from Central Europe, Croatia. Here is permitted a sort of an industrial hemp, but not the hemp (cannabis with THC) which is favorable for medicine. Unfortunately, our politicinas are “lubricated” from all sides. Little people are left to themselves.

    At the first of July this year we are becoming the 28. member of the EU. From that date medical use of oil will be an ofense but not criminal act like know.

    My dad relly needs cannabis medical oil and he has triple needs:

    1) At first he get diabetes, type II;
    2) After that he had heart surgery and now he is a cardiac patient with 2 bypass and 2 stents;
    3) After all this diagnosed with a lung cancer, inoperable.

    I can send you his discharge summary if you wish to see his anamnesis (diabetes and heart disease) and his current status (planocellulare carcinom). We really need your help. If you can send us medical cannabis oil or if you know somebody who can help us, we will listen to your proposal.

    If you have any better solution just let me know, please.

    Best Regards, D. K.


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