24-yr-old Rejects Chemo, Curing Brain Cancer with Cannabis Oil

MRI update from March 31, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 4.43.38 PMImage from Kristina Marie’s Twitter

24-year-old Kristina Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a death sentence by establishment doctors. She decided to reject chemotherapy and treat herself with Rick Simpson’s hemp oil instead. After three MRI’s her tumors have shrunk considerably. (h/t Activist Post)

Follow Kristina Marie’s journey via her

November 2014 update

August 6, 2014:

How Kristina makes the oil

“THC found in medical cannabis eliminates brain cancer while leaving healthy brain cells intact.

A study by Complutense University of Madrid found the chemicals in cannabis promote the death of brain cancer cells by essentially helping them feed upon themselves in a process called autophagy. The research team discovered that cannabinoids such as THC had anticancer effects in mice with human brain cancer cells and in people with brain tumors. When mice with the human brain cancer cells received the THC, the tumor shrank. Using electron microscopes to analyze brain tissue taken both before and after a 26-to 30-day THC treatment regimen, the researchers found that THC eliminated cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. The patients did not have any toxic effects from the treatment; previous studies of THC for the treatment of cancer have also found the therapy to be well tolerated.”


Doctor confirms Cannabis oil cures cancerous brain tumor in child

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 4.01.45 AM

Brain scan of 8 month old Cannabis patient. Oil on pacifier twice daily = cured inoperable cancerous tumor, returned brain to normal.

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Editor’s note: Please don’t hold cell phones up to your head

New Study Finding Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Brain Tissue Damage

Over the past several years, a growing body of research has found evidence of a connection between the development of brain tumors and exposure to cell phone radiation. For example, the World Health Organization’s International Agency on Research for Cancer (IARC) classified cell phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic in May 2011, after the Interphone study found that using cell phones for as little as 30 minutes per day resulted in a 40% increased risk for a type of brain tumor called glioma.

Cell phone use was associated with increased risk of two types of brain tumors in a new study of 790,000 women.

Italian court rules ‘mobile phones can cause brain tumors’

106 thoughts on “24-yr-old Rejects Chemo, Curing Brain Cancer with Cannabis Oil

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  3. My Husband that was highly infected with colon cancer with mets to other parts of the body, he was even given 6 months to live. God, life for the family was a living hell with sorrow in the heart, but today i shouting out to the world that the cannabis oil have save my husband from dying. he is still alive and we are in the 10 months. God is so great to the Faithful.
    Thanks to Thomas that sold the Hemp oil for us that we used in curing my Husband.
    Once again I want to thank Mr. Thomas Kelvin for his wonderful Hemp Oil we are now happy family with my Husband back alive, strong and healthy. You can contact Dr. Thomas on every medical issue on his email:thomasmedicalservice@gmail.com for more help.
    Shana Hilary
    From Canada


    • Shana this is leslie rubio i do appreciate if you can give me what the name of the hemp oil where can i buy it. My husband has a stomach cancer . My email add is merlee_r@ yahoo.com.
      Tnx,and regards to you and your husband.



      • Hi Shana – that comment was actually from a scammer – I thought i had deleted all of these, but it looks like i missed this one. You can get the Hemp Oil (also called Rick Simpson oil or cannabis concentrate) at most dispensaries – go to “weedmaps.com” to find the nearest one. Any other questions, please do ask.


    • Seconded. I try hard to delete comments from people ‘phishing’, but they come daily and it’s hard to keep up. Please be ultra discerning, besides scam artists, there are feds watching these types of websites who will try to trap you.


  4. hi everyone., i have a 8 year old cattle dog., loved dearly who has prostate cancer… would this work for him… ??? he is very dear to me , and my heart is broken to think of losing him.. any suggestions.. i have taken him to a holistic vet, so he is on cooked food., no dog food., and natural herbs for pain and trying to take the swelling down from prostate. he is having a hard time peeing and is not very active the last couple of days… he is eating except for today… very little, but still loves to go out doors. He is peeing all the time now., so i have to put a male diaper on him.. please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


  5. Hi my names Omar im 24 n my dads 52 just this Jan. he had a ceizure n found out he has a brain tumor (GBM) level 4 malignant cancer, n they already cut him open n removed 95.9% n he did radiation n chemo but in pill form for like 3 months. 3 months later on the last MRI it showed the little piece that was left started to grow! n I just got the TETRALABS gold caps 25mg softgels. meanwhile I make our own oil I guess. I haven’t gave it to him yet just wondering if it would even work?? N the family is talking about taking him to Houston, were from LA but my dad is in no health or mind set to make a decision what should I do??


    • Hello to you ,try hemp oil is actually beeing use for cancer in humans,and works for anny cancer tipe and tumors and also prostate ….reed about it and your dog will be just like new ….!!!! my best wishes Alex from Argentina


    • Omar ,I’m not a doctor ,but I have my brother with brain tumor and I’m reading a lot about the oil and decided to talk to my brothers son to convince him not to do the quimoteraphy and the medication;instead ; start the treatment with the oil,there is no time…..to wait ….my best wishes to you Alex


  6. There is quite a bit if information regarding the effect of cannabis oil on active tumors, etc. I’m wondering whether any studies have been done on a preventative regimen.


    • Last week I was watching a video from Amsterdam and it showed people ingesting cannabis oil in vials as a preventive.Just thought you might like to know it’s being done.


    • Did you watch Dr Gupta’s show on WEED in August?There were some growers on there that are growing cannabis with very little thc content.Cannabidiol is what your referring to isn’t it.People are using on children with epilepsy and it stops the seizures from happening as often like 400 or so seizures a week to 1 every two weeks and that one every two weeks is brief.It was all on his show.


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  8. my dad just found out on 3/19/2014 he has a brain tumor on the right side temple about the size of a golf ball. He is 63 years young. He is going to see a specialist on Monday and they want to do surgery and probably radiation which he does not want to do and is terrified. my family and I are in desperate need of help on how to do this whole cannabis therepy. Most of us in the family believe it will work I think it will. we need help in the right direction of how to do this and where to go. Please if you are reading this help. he has 5 kids and about 15 grandkids that will be lost without their paw paw. thank you in advance!


      • @Glinda. I am a retired natural doctor.

        The oil will cure it. But here is what you can do.

        If the tumour IS NOT PRESSING ON THE SCALP.

        Alkaline the body to (Ph7.3 ++).
        PH test strip the mouth to do this.

        You have to change the PH from ACIDIC to ALKALINE.

        Buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. (5 drops a day) then add 2 more every day.

        Buy a JUICER. Juice VAST amounts (10 glasses a day) of greens = spinach, celery , carrots.

        Add 1 table spoon of CURCUMIN(spice) to every 5th glass of juiced greens.

        Buy apricot kernels online (b17). Consume 5 a day chewed (cyanide is present in these, that will kill the cancer).


        cooked food
        Animal diet / dairy
        Sugar / artificial



        Do this and the cancer will go away.

        The brain finds it hard to expel / filter out toxins. You have to get oxygen and alkalinity into him.


  9. i have a son with 5 children who has a brain tumor also. I have seen a lot on line about juicing raw cannabis and the great results. Have you tried it and do you think it will work.


    • Jeunesse – Raw juicing as well as oil extract kills cancer. Use the method you feel best about. They both work. ~Dennis


  10. My son has a him tumor that is into.I no you start off with like a grain of rice and work up to a gram away.how much is a gram in ml and can it be give in one dose away or does it have to be separate in the 3 doses away?


    • David – Starting with a grain size of oil is a good place to start. Keep increasing to tolerance in one dose. Take two doses per day to keep the pressure on the cancer. It doesn’t matter about grams or ml, only keep increasing the dose to tolerance. ~Dennis


  11. My mother is 64years young and has just been advised that she has cancer on lower part of spine, and in lymph gland and doctors and telling her that there is no cure. Please help she is a mother of 7 and grandmother of 20, we don’t want to loose her. I have researched cannabis oil, does this really help? Would it help in her situation? Please help


  12. Michelle – There is certainty that cannabis oil does really help, proof is found in thousands of scientific articles, as well as anecdotal evidence found many places on the web. Go for it.


  13. Admin – I’ve never fed a pet cannabis, however the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is common to all life on the planet down to the lowly sea-squirt. I would guess a weight adjusted dose would be as good for a pet as it is for us humanoids. Just my opinion. ~Dennis


  14. please someone give me honest advice, my mother has pancreas cancer, has been advised to have chemo, but best out come they have ever had is 3 years and that is with patient going for chemo every 2 weeks. we are all terrified and know that we would be lucky to get this but she is so ill already and im not sure she would have any quality of life by going this route, she wants to live and I want what ever time we are privileged to have to be of some quality for her, no sickness, no loss of hair, no discomfort, no pain am I being unrealistic. Is hemp oil an option how much am I supposed to give an what sites are genuine or should we be choosing the chemo, you advice would be most welcome.


    • Nancy – Yes, cannabis extract is an option. As you described it, chemo is one option. Another option could be simultaneous treatment with chemo and cannabis extract. In this option the effects of chemo are attenuated by the extract, making the treatment process more tolerable. Here, cannabis still has healing power, but has more work to do because of the chemo damage. A third option is to use cannabis extract exclusively. I would suggest that you learn what is already available on this option; you can do an internet search on “pancreatic cancer cannabis oil” to see what clinical information is available. For local access find “weedmaps.com” to see what resources are available close by if you live in a state where medical cannabis is legal. As for dosage; start very small (one drop) and build up to tolerance. Tolerance will increase, so keep adding extract as tolerable. Some patient are taking up to a gram a day to treat serious cancer. Choose an option that you are most comfortable with. ~Dennis


  15. Should my brother continue to treat his brain cancer with conventional chemo pills AND cannabis oil at the same time. Or, will the cannabis oil do a better job without the chemo pills? Thank you everyone for your help.


    • Randy – Many patients have combined chemo with cannabis oil to minimize the toxic effects of the chemo. This works fine, but it is slower than just the oil; simply because the oil helps repair the damage caused by chemo. Hopefully you can find a physician who will understand about this. There really is no conflict between the two modes of treatment, as the cannabinoids have a neurotransmitter type of structure that does not compete or interfere with the chemo agent. It would depend on the details of the case whether a combination of therapies, or solo cannabis oil would be most effective. ~Dennis


  16. Dennis – Thank you very much for your quick reply! My brother resides in Grand Rapids MI. Could you recommend a good physician who understands and prescribes “cannabis oil” for his patients? My brother just completed his chemo pill treatment and has been taking cannabis oil for several weeks. This is all unchartered territory to both him and all of us family members that are trying to help him. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you ever so much Dennis!


  17. Randy – you might try MediCann USA at 1.866.632.6627. They might have a doctor in Grand Rapids. Hope this goes well for you and your bro. ~Dennis


    • It looks like a shot, but it’s not, you just dispense a small amount (size of rice grain to start) from the tube and eat it. You can get the oil at dispensaries. It’s known as Rick Simpson Oil.


  18. I have my brother in law that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer they have said that he has it all over the skeleton and sais that there is nothing they can do just strong tablets to prolong he has no pain as I did buy some oil and he has no pain and looks well but they are making some mri to see how it is plz get bk to me and let me know how I can buy more of this oil I live in Gibraltar plz send me more information on how to go about this thanks


  19. OMG! Please don’t anybody try this on its own, you will lose your fight with cancer!!! If you want to try it, do it in conjunction with traditional medicine! I can’t believe people promote this dangerous practice.


    • NO, chemo actually slows the oil’s work down….I’ve seen it happen. Chemo does not work 97% of the time, and usually shortens life, partly by making cancer more aggressive. This is scientifically proven, why else would I know of a pharmacology professor and a doctor who would both rather kill themselves than have chemo? Have you seen chemo being made? I have, and you don’t want it anywhere near you (the guy actually got teased because his job was making chemo).


  20. Sir my friend is suffering from brain tumor. doctors are not preferring surgery because it is in critical position. can she be helped by cannabis oil or Hemp oil



  22. Hi. I have 6 months to live due to my astrocytomas. I desperately want to try cannabis oil, but where do I get it? No medical institutions or individuals seem to be advertising. Please flick me a quick direction. I’d really appreciate it.:)


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  24. I am from India, Surat, Gujarat. If any one can help me to get this oil or plant. This is for my mother in last stage of breast cancer


  25. Hi all! My mother has a high grade 4 glioma in her temporal and parietal lobes. The surgeon removed around half of this and have said she would not be suitable for chemo or radio. The oil will cost us around $100 per gram and I understand she will need up to 1 gm per day. Her prognosis is not great- maximum of 6 months most likely less. The operation has left her with profound weakness on her right side. After reading multiple articles and online resources I was thinking I would need to try to start her on a higher dose than people with a less aggressive cancer. She is 74 years old.
    I have a few questions:
    -How much do you think I should start her on?
    -How frequently?
    -How will I know if this is working apart from an MRI (she has no real symptoms apart from occasional word-finding issues but this is not often).
    -Is there an approximate period for this type of treatment? (I wouldn’t want to over prescribe and I will have to work more to be able to afford this treatment at around $100/day!).
    -Is it ok to give it to her before bed?
    -Mum has really low resting heart rate (usually 55 beats per minute but has gone down to as low as 35 bpm). Will this oil lower her heart rate more and if so is it better to give it to her whilst she is awake?
    -Is it difficult to make as I may need to start making it to keep the cost down? I live in Australia and at present there are medical trials but we have missed them for this year (plus, I don’t really want her to be part of them).

    Thank you for any information you can provide.


  26. Hi Mischa – From the literature it looks like glioma was the first human cancer trials to show cure with cannabis. The usual protocol is to start with a small dose, then increase the dosage as her tolerance increases. Try to double the dose each week until you get up to a gram per day. Let her tolerance of it direct your dosage (AM and PM). Monitor her heart rate during the day, and if it is okay, use the same dose in the evening. You should have remission in three months. Regression of her symptoms shows the efficacy of the treatment. Sleep is the usual side-effect, so let her sleep. This is beneficial. ~Dennis


    • Thank you Dennis for taking the time to reply. Your information is very valuable. My mum has no symptoms which is what probably allowed this glioma to get so big without detection. There is a rare word which mum may not be able to locate when she speaks but this only occurs a couple of times per day which is, not too dissimilar to the speech of someone without a brain tumour. Thank you again and my apologies for asking repeated questions that others have asked. Mischa.


  27. My friend has non cancerous brain cysts which cause him to black out on a daily basis.
    His body just collapses and he hits the floor.
    He has excruciating headaches, dizziness, nausea. The perscription meds aren’t helping.
    Will cannibis oil help him, and is there an affordable option? He is currently living on $800 a month.


  28. Leila – We know that cannabis is neuroprotective. So it is possible that it will help your friend. This is just the beginning of medical cannabis so we have to experiment. Try it and see. Cannabis is harmless to normal cells so there is little risk; safer than aspirin. ~Dennis


      • Thanks Dennis.
        Unfortunately the mj he bought, which was supposedly high CBD, but with no actual proof of that, didn’t help at all. No pain relief and the symptoms from the cysts are getting worse on a daily basis.
        We are both at our witts end, as the doctors are unwilling to do anything. He can’t even leave the house, I have to do his grocery shopping and other chores. We were both hoping it would help. But in Az there are no dispensaries who provide tests proving high CBD. I tried the same strain and couldn’t keep taking it because it made me dizzy and gave me heart palpitations which leads me to believe it was more THC than CBD.
        I don’t think they should be able to call it medical marijuana if they are not willing to prove what’s in it.


    • Hi Vishal Bhat..hope ur father is doing good..did u get canabis oil.my mom diagnosed with cancer..need this oil..pls reply.thanks.



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