‘Marijuana moms’ say smoking pot makes them better parents

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A group of moms in Beverly Hills, California, insist smoking marijuana makes them better wives and better parents.

The group is made up of a mix wealthy stay-at-home mothers, part-time service industry workers, and one wife of a police officer. They throw marijuana themed dinner parties, including dishes like cannabis leaf salad, chicken fried in cannabis oil and marijuana milk shakes, according to The Daily Mail.

One of the mother’s, January Thomas, says she smokes marijuana five times a day while she takes care of her two-year-old daughter, Zeena:

“Marijuana makes me a better and more creative parent. It puts me in the moment with Zeena and stops me worrying about everyday problems. I want her to understand the benefits of cannabis so I read her books like ‘Mommy’s Funny Medicine’ and ‘It’s Just a Plant’ to teach her.”

Another woman, Cheryl Shuman, compares the group’s marijuana use to mothers in the 1960s who took Valium, known as “mother’s little helper” pills, to help them cope with the daily strains being housewives.

Medical marijuana is legal by perscription in California. The Marijuana Moms all started using marijuana to manage chronic pain or illness.Monica Almeida | The New York Times

All of the women began using marijuana, which is legal with a prescription in California, to cope with chronic pain or illness.

The “Pot Moms” are aware that some people have a negative perception of what they do, but they are shocked when they are judged by parents who cope with stress using alcohol, according to Today Moms.

Margaret, who chose to withhold her last name, said:

“Being judged for doing something nontoxic and totally organic, enjoying a god-given plant, by moms who suck back two bottles of Chardonnay like sports drinks…is hard to swallow. A drunk mother is pathetic and I often leave parties when I experience other mothers tying one on.”

Columnist Ericka Sóuter on the Stir thinks these moms are deluding themselves.

Sóuter writes, “If you need something to ‘get you through’ parenthood every day, that’s a problem that marijuana will only mask, not fix. Isn’t it better to go to therapy or find some way to get more help with the kids than to turn to this?”

She says it’s normal to feel stress as a mother, but she questions the wisdom of parenting in a “constant drug haze.”

Robin Schneider, a pro-marijuana activist mom on Ladybud writes about the importance of maintaining good parenting practices while being involved in campaigning for legalized marijuana.

Schneider says parents involved in marijuana become targets of law enforcement. She says in order to keep herself and her family protected, she makes sure to always keep her house in order and keep her children well cared for and prepared for school.

Unlike the moms in Beverly Hills, Schneider is careful to never use marijuana around her children. She says marijuana activism is not about getting high or promoting smoking marijuana, but about being a leader and setting a good example.

queens_pot_suburb.jpgA federal complaint says Andrea Sanderlin, of Scarsdale, operated a “sophisticated operation to grow and process marijuana” and that the 2,800 marijuana plants would have been worth $3 million on the street.The Associated Press

One mother from Queens, New York, is currently facing the consequences of her involvement in marijuana.

Andrea Sanderlin was indicted Tuesday on charges of operating a sophisticated pot-growing operation in a Queens warehouse.

Authorities found nearly 3,000 marijuana plants in the warehouse, and she is being charged with manufacturing and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, and maintaining a drug-involved premises, according to The Associated Press.


5 thoughts on “‘Marijuana moms’ say smoking pot makes them better parents

  1. Reblogged this on nealr25 and commented:
    I have never seen a new mom fully capable of handling a child all by themselves all the time. Stay at home moms that only watch the kids and do household chores all day and make no income, worry about the kids, the house, the money, and absolutely every little thing they have on their never endnig to do list that flows through our brains. To smoke a little and only focus on your child when you are with your child. I think that’s beautiful. They say they don’t smoke around them, but it helps them focus on them, helps them think of new and different things to do, helps moms enjoy their child more, I have never been in a bad mood smoking marijuana, and the one time I’ve babysat stoned, it was even more amazing to see his smile, hear his laugh. So tell me that my enjoying myself and only wanting to focus on my child makes it a bad thing, a natural plant we can smoke, eat, drink, or drop. I hadn’t even thought about how it really helps me, helps me calm my crazy racing thoughts, that’s what I love most about it, why wouldn’t I want that when I’m gonna be a thousand times more stressed worrying about my child. Marijuana will forever be a part of me and my family. Forever looked at as a WONDERFUL plant.


  2. Amen! Proud father here…whom uses medication for his knees, tinnitus, and anxiety. I’m a veteran among thousands that need it to be legal. I’m a human susceptible to cancer (1 in 2.3 men will get cancer). Cannabis oils cure that disease. Our Government would rather have us weak and losing life.


  3. Can’t I just say kids are a pain in the azz so I smoke to revile that pain as a parent.

    Why do you have to be a patient in order to receive the benefits of marijuana?

    I’ll tell you all why they invented this ” medical marijuana program”

    In reality It’s so that they can still lock Can’t I just say kids are a pain in the azz so I smoke to revile that pain as a parent.

    Why do you have to be a patient in order to receive the benefits of marijuana?

    I’ll tell you all why they invented this ” medical marijuana program”

    In reality It’s so that they can still lock up young healthy ” punks, thugs, cholos, white trash, spicks, Mexicans, and niggers.”

    Because “if you don’t do it the white way you’re not doing it the right way”
    : Chris Rock


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