Reaction to Federal Marijuana Policy Announcement

From We Are the Marijuana Majority
Posted on August 29, 2013

Today the U.S. Department of Justice finally announced the Obama administration’s response to the historic marijuana legalization measures that were approved by voters in Colorado and Washington State in November. The following is a statement from Marijuana Majority’s Tom Angell:

“It’s nice to hear that the Obama administration doesn’t at this point intend to file a lawsuit to overturn the will of the voters in states that have opted to modernize their marijuana policies, but it remains to be seen how individual U.S. attorneys will interpret the new guidance and whether they will continue their efforts to close down marijuana businesses that are operating in accordance with state law.

“It’s significant that U.S. attorneys will no longer be able to use the size or profitability of a legal marijuana business to determine whether or not it should be a target for prosecution, but the guidelines seem to leave some leeway for the feds to continue making it hard for state-legal marijuana providers to do business.

“The administration’s statement that it doesn’t think busting individual users should be a priority remains meaningless, as it has never been a federal focus to go after people just for using small amounts of marijuana. The real question is whether the president will call off his federal agencies that have been on the attack and finally let legal marijuana businesses operate without harassment, or if he wants the DEA and prosecutors to keep intervening as they have throughout his presidency and thus continue forcing users to buy marijuana on the illegal market where much of the profits go to violent drug cartels and gangs.

“In all, today’s announcement represents a step in a right direction and a recognition by the administration that the politics of marijuana are rapidly shifting in favor of those who support legalization. However, my optimism is tempered by the fact that despite the Justice Department’s 2009 announcement that it shouldn’t be a priority to bust medical marijuana providers operating in accordance with state law, this administration went on to close down more state-legal marijuana businesses in one term than the Bush administration did in two terms.

“Polls from Pew and Gallup show that a supermajority of Americans wants the president to follow through on his 2008 pledges to respect marijuana laws, and that’s what advocates will continue pressing him to do.”


One thought on “Reaction to Federal Marijuana Policy Announcement

  1. I agree with what others have stated here – it is hard to speak out and tell the truth about cannabis when it would endanger your standing, your job/livelihood, and your freedom. I have seen firsthand how cannabis has helped my wife so tremendously with her chronic migraines and insomnia. She is a totally different person compared to when she had to depend solely on her prescribed medicines for pain and insomnia. She was a zombie. Everyone notices how she is doing so much better and how she seems like a different person. We feel almost unfaithful (to MJ) that we cannot freely boast about how IT has helped her.

    In recent months, due to chronic pain from an injury and extreme stress/depression from events in my family/life, I too have started to use cannabis on days that I am off work. It is a night and day difference in how great I feel when compared to days that I cannot medicate. It is criminal that this should be deemed illegal by a corrupt government and that folks have to be “law breakers” to get the relief that cannabis affords.

    I would also note that neither of us are “smokers.” I make capsules out of cannabis-infused coconut oil.

    God bless!


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