Cannabis Rising: The Key In The Lock. Your Health Your Future


3 thoughts on “Cannabis Rising: The Key In The Lock. Your Health Your Future

  1. I had Hogskins Cancer when I was a teenage. I had surgreys .I took Chemothreapy & Radation Treatments. Smoking Marijuana helped me greatly thur the sickness of treatments Smoking marijuana made me gain much needed weight.Marijuana helped me when no other medicine could . I am 50 years old now.


  2. This is an extremely touching video and while I suffer in Texas from lack of medical marijuana, I can at least hope……
    I had an astro-sytomic brain tumor rupture in my head located between my cerebellum and my brain stem; some people call it a miracle that I lived because I was given a 100% chance of death by my neurosurgeon. I consider it a life long curse because I suffer all types of side effects every day including: migraines, severe back pain, spinal arthritis of the neck, nausea, depression, bipolar and knee pain (because of my bad balance issues). It has now been 13 1/2 years since my surgery in 1999 and I’m still hoping for a change. Be smart Texas, for me and the many others that suffer from similar issues; please.


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