PTSD Not Legally Treatable With Medical Marijuana


4 thoughts on “PTSD Not Legally Treatable With Medical Marijuana

  1. I am dealing with PTSD, Prostate Cancer and other maladies.  I believe Cannabis is helping me stay alive and indeed its helps. I am not a criminal…I served my country, I raised my children and worked a job 25 years.  I am very active meaning exercising.   I think the hypocrisy has to stop…nobody has died from consuming Cannabis but look at many have died because of boos and tobacco. Say yes for the use Cannabis.  .

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    This is a very good blog, sharing some real truth on the efficacy of medical cannabis versus opioid medications in the treatment of pain. It’s time to make change in this nation. Our cancer patients, veterans, mentally ill and disabled deserve the right to make decisions about there own health-care. Lortab AKA Vicodin is one of the MOST prescribed medications in the United States and it can kill very easily. We need to have the freedom as Americans to make decisions ourselves. Cannabis should NOT be in the same class as Heroin! The drug war has taken many more victims than it has saved! Contact your senator on this issue or any issue that is a concern. I regularly am in contact with my senator and he or his constituent liason contact me within 24 hours usually. The only way our government knows what we need is if we tell them! We have a voice, lets use it!


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