Newfoundland man says hemp oil is beating his cancer


St. John’’s, Newfoundland, cancer patient Paul Morrissey is convinced marijuana oil is a cure for the disease.

By Barb Sweet, The Telegram published January 18, 201420140125-015012.jpg
St. John’s, NEWFOUNDLAND — A St. John’s man suffering from prostate cancer that had metastasized is crediting marijuana oil treatment with putting him on the mend.

“It makes me feel 20 years younger, that’s what the marijuana oil does,” said Paul Morrissey, adding he shoveled snow for three hours during the recent blizzard and blackout with no problems.

“There was pretty ferocious wind and snow. I came out of it looking like a walking popsicle. However after all that work and so forth I was in excellent condition. Even without cancer, I wouldn’t suspect I’d last that long or do that well.”

Morrissey’s prostate-specific antigen blood levels have improved dramatically and there has been some regression in his lymph nodes and abdomen, said his family physician, Dr. Randy Hart, who was given permission to speak about his patient’s case.

Hart can’t say if the unorthodox treatment helped.

But Morrissey’s PSA levels dropped nearly 10 times from their previous level — down to 3.3 from 29.5.

“Now whether it’s the marijuana oil, I can’t comment on that,” Hart said Friday.

“There certainly has been a major improvement in his situation. And I am delighted for him, delighted overall.”

Hart said when Morrissey first mentioned the marijuana oil to him, he was skeptical and implored him to embark on conventional treatment.

Morrissey did agree to go to an oncologist and was also seeing a urologist.

Morrissey said he did take pill medication for roughly a month and an injection prescribed by his oncologist, but is so convinced the oil was what helped him, he has discontinued the course of conventional treatment.

He said he hasn’t received any chemotherapy or radiation either.

“I have known Paul for a long time. … He is a spiritual guy,” Hart said, adding the oncologist’s prescribed medication may have contributed to lower PSA levels.

“He did receive some conventional treatment, but he did have a really good response. From my perspective, there was a huge improvement. We should all be open to listening to people. But there is no way I could say with any certainty the hemp oil had anything to do with it.”

The Telegram first told Morrissey’s story in September 2013 when he said at Stage 4 prostate cancer, he was putting his faith in the marijuana oil treatment.

At the time, Morrissey said he’d put medical treatment off for a year and was frantically trying to source the oil.

The cancer was then spreading to his back and lymph nodes, but Morrissey said it was because he could only source a small amount of the oil in Toronto and hadn’t obtained enough to cure the disease.

But soon after the story ran, he said he was able to find a supply not in this province, but on the mainland, which has cost him less than $4,000, Morrissey said Friday.

Morrissey insists his PSA levels plummeted because of six weeks on the marijuana oil.

He was sold on the controversial marijuana oil treatment after watching a video by Rick Simpson of Maccan, Nova Scotia, called “Run from the Cure.”

In the video, Simpson claims the marijuana oil is nature’s miracle and that he gave it away to about 5,000 people until he ran into legal barriers.

Simpson asserts medical, legal and political authorities and the pharmaceutical industry are ignoring the cancer epidemic and the potential of the oil.

Morrissey said that on his way to Toronto in December 2012, he stopped in Maccan and spent five hours with Simpson and some others featured in the video, which suggests marijuana oil as a fix not only for cancer but various types of pain and a range of diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes. The video also provides instructions for making the oil.

“Four people in that house had cancer,” Morrissey said last fall. “They cured themselves.”

The oil is taken orally and doesn’t produce a high, Morrissey insists. Some claim rubbing it on skin cancer lesions as a cure.

On Friday, Morrissey renewed the plea he made last fall for a clinical trial on the marijuana oil to prove what he thinks is its medicinal benefit for others.

“I’m OK with my cancer. I will be fine,” he said. “But there are a lot of people out there who are dying.”

Cannabis or marijuana products and their derivatives are illegal and fall under Schedule II of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

From The Telegraph of St. John’s, Newfoundland.


10 thoughts on “Newfoundland man says hemp oil is beating his cancer

  1. I totally agree w/rockymissouri,,,NO $$ FOR BIG PHARMA AND LITTLE BRO, MEDICALFIELD, Qk question,,hemp oil and cannabis oil,,same? almost the same? I know its the CBD that is the ‘curing’ part, no?? Can u just direct me in the right direction so I may get informed, glad Newfoundland man is beating that horrid ‘C’ thing!


  2. Lola – Some think hemp and cannabis are different. Generally hemp refers to “ditch weed” that is very poor in cannabinoids. Generally, cannabis refers to plants with therapeutic amounts of cannabinoids; but Rick Simpson calls cannabis, “hemp” for his own reasons… probably because of the pejorative attitude towards the term “marijuana.”
    Both CBD and THC kill cancer through separate biochemical pathways. So it becomes a personal preference; do you want the “high” of THC or the no-reaction of CBD. I prefer THC:CBD 1:1, because they are complimentary. Another thing to note is that CBD inhibits the psychotropic affect of THC. There is much more info elsewhere on this blog, check it out. ~Dennis


  3. You’d think a doctor would be able to recognize the increase of ceramide in the cancer cell is a direct cause of the THC coming in contact with cannibinoid receptors. This increase leads to a shift in the source of energy for the mitochondria by pushing the main energy source out.

    Why is it I can find, and confirm this from my trailer in the middle of the forest, but a trained and competent doctor can’t?

    Because practicing unorthodox methods can get your medical license revoked. So Even if a the doctor TRULY believes that it works and wants to help people, they can’t say anything about it without jeopardizing their career.

    Truly… all about the fucking money. Poor doctors even if they want to….. are not even allowed to help people if the money doesn’t say they can.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Also.. why is there comment moderation here? By placing comment moderation on, you give all the shills the chance to accuse you for removing any “anti-marijuanna” posts.

    Where as I would much rather put such people in their place verbally.


    • There is a heavy duty scam going on and at least one of our readers fell for it – the following is an example of this scam. I have to delete these posts regularly (multiple times per day). But if they go through without my intervention, some schmuck in Nigeria ends up milking innocent people who are looking for healing during an extremely desperate time in their lives for hundreds of dollars.


      Wow am so grateful for the good Rick Simpson ( ) did for me and my family for curing my husband’s prostate cancer of 3 years.

      My name is Elizabeth Casson from north Carolina USA, June 2 2010 my husband was diagnosed of prostate cancer and he had done all sorts of treatments (chemo, radio and herbal) and his doctor still gave no hope for his condition, after his last chemo treatment on 09/28/2013 the doctor told him that he had 8 months to live. When I heard this I was disappointed, frustrated and full of pain that the one I love so much would leave me and my children all alone in this world.

      One faithful day my uncle called and told me about Rick Simpson cannabis oil and how it cured his 48 years old neighbor so I became very interested in this cure, my uncle and I decided to do some research about the Rick Simpson cannabis oil and I found it very interesting, so I decided to purchase the oil. I called my uncle and asked him for Rick’s direct contact, so I could discuss with him.

      I contacted Rick Simpson( ) he told me what to do to purchase the oil and how to use the oil I followed his instructions dutifully and now I can proudly say that my husband is cancer free, all thanks to Rick Simpson for restoring my lost hope.

      Further, I was hoping someone like you would come along, because i do approve comments from shills. For instance:


  5. Medicinal Mushrooms Cause Cell Death in Liver Cancer

    Healing properties
    Several studies support chaga’s medicinal value. Researchers at Kyunghee University in Seoul, South Korea examined chaga’s effectiveness in protecting cellular DNA. Cells were treated with chaga mushroom extract then exposed to oxidative stress.
    The extract-treated cells had 40 percent less DNA mutation compared with the untreated cells.
    In another study, Japanese researchers discovered that chaga had higher levels of cell protective antioxidants than other medicinal mushrooms included in the investigation.

    Chaga has been shown to be effective against cancers of the liver, uterus, breast, colon, skin, cervix and lung.
    It also attacks tumor cells without disturbing healthy tissue. Additionally, this mushroom has been found to be antiviral and anti-inflammatory


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