A marijuana momma testimonial

I am an MJ+ Momma of one and pregnant with my second. I have decided to continue medicating strictly with MJ because I have Carpal Tunnel, Extensive Nerve Damage – Neuralgia, Type 1 Diabetes and also combined type ADHD. I stopped my ADHD medicine, as soon as I knew I was pregnant, and have continued with the other. It helps with my appetite which remains suppressed, I have a BMI of 18 and it drops when I stop consuming MJ. My cholesterol also rises from 173 to 207 when I stop vaping/consuming. Anytime I stop I get debilitating pain in my hands and wrists. My feet become tingly and I am unable to work.

I was once given a cortisone shot in my hip for bursitis, my blood sugars soared beyond 530, I was exhausted and felt ill. I was since offered cortisone for my wrists and I refused because of the adverse affects I had had previously… so I was given 60 Hydrocodone (excuse the spelling) which made me physically ill. I couldn’t take them and didn’t want to risk physical dependency. I began an antidepressant for nerve pain and it screwed up my liver panel, which was normal after I stopped taking the pill. Marijuana should be used in Neurology as a safe alternative!

BTW my son who was born with 8 times more MJ in his system than the pediatricians had ever seen is a perfectly healthy, thriving young man… age 3. He has astonished doctors with his intelligence! He was born in TN where it is against the law so we had a run in with CPS however they closed my case because there wasn’t any other substances being used, other than caffeine… and there is no evidence that it is harmful. It was an open and shut case. I’m in KY now and concerned I will be faced with the same issue… I hope they are as understanding. I lost both parents to Opiate/ Barbiturate dependencies! I need to know I can have a safe alternative that has more benefits than risks!

~ from one of our guests

One thought on “A marijuana momma testimonial

  1. I posted on this website trying to figure out what does happen in Kentucky of tested positive for mj I used but quit at 30 weeks scared I would test positive now since I’ve quit I have had higher blood pressure severe swelling and tingling in hands and feet prior when I was using they kept telling me how prefect everything was I quit because I don’t want a run in and now everything is starting to turn bad. .. If you find any info please share 🙂


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