Colorado Bill Would See Release of All Marijuana Prisoners and Expunge Their Records

Posted February 24th, 2014 by via WeedMaps

Weed - Colorado Will Release All Marijuana Prisoners and Expunge Their Records

It’s already (clearly) been a landmark year for Colorado, America’s first legal weed state. Legalization has been a full-fledged success, other states are now following (or hoping to follow suit), and the state is reaping in the rewards of its marijuana sales tax.

And while Governor Hickenlooper may have had some initial hesitations (and resisted/opposed) legalization, the trend-setting legislator is thankfully not content standing still with just legal weed. And after seeing the national attention garnered by legalization–and the estimated total north of 100 million dollars from cannabis tax dollars, he’s seen the light.

Because wow, Hickenlooper wants to take the next step toward justice: he wants his state’s marijuana prisoners (yep, they still exist) to be freed from the chains and have their records cleared so they can go on living normal lives–and not be stalked by the shadow of prohibition.

Thus, he’s proposed a bill that would change just that–and begin emptying America’s overcrowded prisons, many of which are polluted by innocent cannabis enthusiasts.

“Under the new bill, convicts currently serving time on marijuana related charges will be released and the crime expunged from their records.”

From the article, it’s unclear if only low-level offenders will be released–you’d assume traffickers will remain behind bars–but either way, it’s another revolutionary move

“The Governor has a strong background of following his heart and doing what is right and this is just a natural progression.  While the US is one of the only countries in the world that does NOT guarantee retroactive ameliorative relief in sentencing, the plan proposed by Gov. Hickenlooper would free those currently serving and simply seal all records of ‘personal’ pot possession. Sealing the records effectively makes the arrest disappear to background checks.  This doesn’t just impact the offender in Colorado, it prevents that record from showing up no matter where that user goes – even if pot is illegal in the state, making it easier for former convicts to find employment.” []

And there you have it. The one state changing America–and the world’s–long and twisted history with cannabis looks poised to take it yet ANOTHER step further, and just generally continues to keep it oh so real.

But always remember: we’ve still got 49 more states to go, lots of laws to be changed, and moves to make. There’s still thousands upon thousands of Americans in jail for weed-related offenses, and in restrictive states across the countries, our people are still being jailed and persecuted for the love of the plant.

Colorado has staked its claim as the place where the revolution is finally coming to fruition–and the revolution will be rolled, smoked, and blown in the face of our detractors.

Because sooner rather than later, no marijuana criminal in America will feel the specter of their “illegal activity” hindering their lives and job opportunities throughout the rest of their lives. As way say A LOT: it’s a matter of when, not if.

Morality always wins.


2 thoughts on “Colorado Bill Would See Release of All Marijuana Prisoners and Expunge Their Records

  1. I wonder what he has been smoking ?
    Listening to the people who live in Colorado using common sense and doing the right thing ………. unheard of in politics now a days .


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