7 thoughts on “Sanjay Gupta Reveals The Real Reason For His Reversal On Medical Marijuana BIG PHARMA WEED!

  1. Well to me you should still be able to grow for your self I do not think the government should be the one in control of that I think there are some of us that can not afford the prices they charge Some of us are on fixed incomes


    • EXACTLY. Not only that, but so far the pharmaceutical version of THC, Marinol, is neither as effective as Cannabis, nor is it safe. It’s already killed 4 people!


  2. I am afraid of this approach. As a cancer patient, who quit halfway through chemo… Cannabis oil… Whole plant extract with the THC intact can cure me…. And keep cancer gone… For the rest of my life…. On at least a maintenance dose…. I also have severe fibromyalgia… And nerve damage from the chemo…. Plus still little to NO appetite 6 months since stopping chemo. I don’t eat unless I smoke a little… I need whole plant extract… ORGANICALLY GROWN TOO. HELP.

    “My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that and I intend to end up there.”☀Rumi


  3. It is facetious to claim that marijuana will be “regulated like alcohol or cigarettes.” Both of the latter have regulations which allow individuals to make alcoholic beverages, including dandelion wine as strong as brandy, and to raise tobacco for personal consumption. It is illegal, everywhere, for individuals to raise marijuana for any purpose. PharMafia benefits from prohibition.


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