A simple question for cannabis prohibitionists


3 thoughts on “A simple question for cannabis prohibitionists

  1. Prohibitionists don’t care how many people die from alcohol . Prohibitionists don’t care how many people die from tobacco . It just doesn’t matter to them they accept those kind of statistics .
    Prohibition of marijuana is all that matters to the oil companies , paper industries , textile industry , cotton industry , plastics , drugs and on and on .
    It’s all about money nothing else .


  2. What’s Your Moral/Ethical Justification for taking away Someone’s Sovereign Rights for Growing or Using Flowers-Rob Ryan Rocket Scientist
    Is Democratic Behavior that Behavior which supports democracy or that behavior which democracies like-Aristotelian Question


    In Square Circle 420 Ranch Perfect Sovereign Wealth Fund 2Dog Star
    (BKA) Entourage Effect 2DogStar Haiku
    Unified Field Theory View

    Who’s More Trustworthy Than The 1 Who
    Causes One’s Heart to Beat Non-Stop
    Provides Fecundity in Flower’s Year Round Harvest
    …World’s Top Cash Crop
    Wealth Accumulation And Generating Events
    Are Heaven Sent Photosynthesis 2 Dog Star Haiku

    Permanent Seed/Atom Shew (Lamb’s Bread of Eternal Life)

    If One Wants To Know The Truth of Marijuana

    …Consider The Source

    This Poem Will Show It’s Proof as Panacea

    Is Par For The Course

    Healing of Nations…Medicine For Sin-sick Souls

    …That’s How Christ Seed Rolls

    Hail Rastafari Our Siblings Who Pave The Way

    While Miscreants Rule

    Glory Adonai Supernatural Feng Shui

    Jerusalem School

    Down Up Center North East West South

    One’s Jugdment Proceeds from One’s Own Mouth

    As It Concerns Health Orgasm’s 2nd to None

    Marijuana’s Next

    Both Guarantee Wealth…Are Scary As They Are Fun

    In Wisdom Pretext

    Now Truth’s The Irrefragible Argument

    …Love’s The Sole Government

    Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease by Basic Black Eagle

    Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease for Founding Great Grandfather King Dr. Raphael Mechoulam by Basic Black Eagle


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